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Selling adspaces using OpenX

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Have you seen or written a mod that will allow someone to see what has been sold in the future? We have sales people that will be selling exclusive leaderboard ads and want to make sure that we don’t double sell.

Can you give some more details about this functionality or just give answers of below questions?

What do you mean by sales people? Are they advertisers or publishers?

In OpenX, anybody can sell ads for any size (ex. 728 X 90) then can you tell me exactly what do you want?

How do you want to control?

Thank you for replying to my inquiry.

We have 4 Geodomains that we are selling ads on. These are sold by our own
inhouse staff. They need an easy way to see if the leaderboard for a site
is sold and on what dates. We aren’t going to rotate the ads but sell them
on first come first server and we don’t want to double sell them.

This is why I was trying to find a graphical way to see if something has
been sold and for what dates.

I got it your requirement. You are selling defined space from your sites and you want to make sure that your staffs will not sell same space two times at time (also one more thing is “you are not rotating ads.“).

Is it right?

If yes, then can you tell me how you are selling space? I mean per thousands impressions or per thousands clicks or monthly basis.

OpenX ads linked to Zone

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

We don’t use OpenX now but was wondering of you could help understand if this use case would be possible?

We want to have individual zones, banners, and ads predefined on our sites and will not allow them to change these spaces on the sites. However, we do want to have individual users be allowed to control their ads etc but they cannot change any of the parameters defined.

Example: I place am image ad spot on a web site. I then create the size, image, width, height etc and embed this into the web site. I know want the user to be able to change and edit this by logging into openx but they can only change the image ad that I defined up front and that only.

After installing the software and seeing agencies, channels, publishers etc I think I need custom development to meet my requirement spec above. If so can you provide time estimate to get this feature added?


Definitely, we can do your requirements.

Let me explain what I understood from your requirements.

You have your sites and you have define number of places in these sites where you want to display ads.

Here, advertisers can display their ads but once they linked to your zones, he can change his ads (banner, image) but he should not change any other parameter

like width and height of banners.

This will take 4 days.

Cron Jobs in OpenX

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

We currently use your OpenAds software on our site and have been very happy with it. However, just lately we have noticed that the banners are taking longer than necessary to load.

It seems that you are not running maintenance script as cron jobs.

So, we have to run this first so that loads will decrease at deliver time.

Please give us your control panel details.

Plus, since the clocks went forward the banners are one hour out - after checking with our server providers they’ve told us that the time on there servers are fine so we can’t understand why they’re showing an hour later.

Are you taking about statistics time?

Can you give me more detail about what you are saying?

Plus, it’s also worth mentioning that OpenAds, is loaded on the same server as our website - I don’t know if this is a good thing or not?

It’s best if you are running Openads in same server of your site.

Also, it seems that you are using image tag invocation code, is it right?

Can you tell me in which places you have post invocation code? (like, wp-contents/themes/MBR WP/XXX.php.)

Monthly Statistics Report for advertiser.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


I need monthly statistics report for the advertiser. How can do this?


we have one plugins for the monthly statistics report for the advertiser.

The provide “Monthly Statistics Report ” will send the mail to all advertisers about their statistics report monthly.

This will help the advertiser to get their statistics report without logging into their account.

Advertisers will get statistics for their banners and zones respectively

for more info:

OpenX Zones

Monday, April 14th, 2008

If I have 5 areas for ads with the same dimensions on the same website…

Do I:

1) put in 1 zone 5 times?

2) put in 5 zones 1 time each?

If you want to track (statistics) each area of ads and if you want to control each area differently then you should make new zone for each area (in your case,

second option). Using this option, you can choose banners to display for individual zone (“Linked Banners”).

And suppose if you want to treat all zones with same control then you should use one zone for each area (in your case, first option.). Using this option, you can not see individual statistics for each area and if you change any property settings, it will affect all areas.

How does a site know if the capacity is full?

If you are asking about maximum use of zone invocation code, then it’s unlimited (like all other ad network).

It means you can use same zone invocation code as many times as you want without any restriction.

If I am using Run Per Month - that is allowing monthly pricing. Than inventory is limited to one space per month. If I have 5 spaces in one zone, how do I allow only up to 5 advertisers?

You can not restrict maximum number of advertisers for zone because we can not say how many numbers of spaces zone has. Zone may used for only one space or

even 100 space.

Because of this, advertiser prefers CPC or CPM system instead of Monthly tendency. Advertiser prefers Run per month system when he knows all spaces of zone

(may be through admin or publisher).

MP3 Banner for OpenX

Monday, April 14th, 2008


I am using openx for my site. i want to display MP3 banner in my site.


we have created one plugin for the openx.

This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have this feature.

OpenX does not support MP3 banners. By installing this mod you can upload MP3 banners also.

for more details:

Url Targeting for openx

Monday, April 14th, 2008

We provide one plugin for the URL targeting for the openx.

Sometimes you want to do the same sort of thing as keyword/category targeting, but you don’t want to have to generate a different invocation tag for each section of your web site (i.e. each keyword/category that you have).

In this case, if you’re lucky enough to have your site set up so that the section of the web site can be determined from the URL.

For example: If is the URL for product 495 [whatever that is] in the food category, then you can do URL-based targeting to do the same thing, but without having to set up many different invocation tags.

For more details:

Automatic Filtering Of Lower Converting/CTR Banners

Monday, April 14th, 2008

We are having one new mod for the OpenX.

This functionality is not available in OpenX. By installing this mod you can have this feature
This mod will help in filtering the banners and ads giving less profit.
Thus, this mod will provide self-optimizing options that would help people to auto-determine the best ads for their campaign.

By using this, the advertiser can display only the best ads for their users.

It is very beneficial for advertisers.
This mod is easy to install and use.
Helps a lot to optimize your profitability.
Helps in optimizing the banners.

For more details:

List Current Advertisers in OpenX

Sunday, April 13th, 2008


How do view the list of the number of advertisers with their name and the banners or campaigns under each of them in my openx?


This functionality is not existing in openx. we are providing one module for this feature.

This mod will provide a link in the home page by clicking this link the user can see all the current advertisers with some description.

This will give you list of all advertisers and their banners in one single page.

This is very useful who wants to display their all advertisers in his site to attract publishers.

For example, you can give one link in home page saying “See our Advertisers” or “List of all Advertisers”.

for more details: