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Advertiser registration module with all permissions

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

How do create an Advertiser registration with all permissions in openx?
Don’t have to depend on the administrator for each and every thing,right from creating an account.


This option is not available in openx. we have created for this feature.

The advertiser can register himself using this special mod.

This requires only few informations from the user before registering.

After registering, the advertiser can login using their user name and password

Advertiser can self register, edit etc…It collects few specific informations
about the advertiser.

It is very easy to work with and very useful to the advertiser.

For more info:

Store Front with OpenX

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


I’m looking to create a simple gift showcase like allows merchants to submit their products to the gift showcase. Whenever a visitor clicks on the product they go directly to the product on the merchants ecommerce store. make money from the click just like Google makes money from its Adsense.

I don’t know what the technical name for something like this is. I originally started googling for affiliates and ended up here. OpenX can do the hard part of managing merchants advertisements and its display on a per page basis, but has anyone tried to extend the interface of OpenX so that merchants add others details such as price, textual description, product name, etc?

I really hope you might have an idea of what I’m talking about and suggestions as to where I should look.

Can you help? I’m planning on using drupal or magentocommerce for the shop front and openx for delivering the product images, text and links as an advert.


Yes, I got what you want.

Let me tell us what I understood from your requirements.

You have one site where you want to allow other site owner to display their products. So, you will make account for all site owners as Advertiser in openx and you will store product image and some other information for product as banner in OpenX.

After that, you will integrate invocation code to your site front end and that invocation code will display those banners, Right?

Now I am listing out main things what we need to do:

à We need to make zone and banners in category wise (ex. camera, mobile, clothes etc.).

à We have to make some limitation so that product which is in camera category should not display in clothe category.

à We need to display product image along with product name and price.

à When some one clicks on product, we need to do track those clicks.

Area where we need to concern:

à If you are forcing OpenX to deliver banner once in page but sometime OpenX doesn’t follow that rule. It will display same products more than one time according to some other factors. So, we have to work on that area so that OpenX should display product only once in page.

For above requirements, we need to customize delivery engines of OpenX.

We can use latest version to reduce delivery engine’s load.

Above modification and right configuration of OpenX will take 20 days.

I will give limited number of banners per campaign

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


How do set the Administrator to limit the banners upload per campaign?


we are provide the functionality so that advertiser will get the permission to add banners for his campaigns.

Administrator can restrict the number of banners to be uploaded per campaign.

If advertiser has uploaded that many banners for a particular campaign, then he will not get permission to add any new banners for that campaign.

for more details:

Real time statistics report

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


i dont want waiting for 1 hour. i want real time statistics report in openx statistics page. how can do it?


Now you don’t need to wait for OpenX maintenance, by installing this mod you can set the time interval in which statistics will be updated.

In OpenX maintenance runs each hour and it calculates clicks, impressions. That is why it takes an hour each time for statistics to be updated. 

This mod will overwrite the OpenX default statistics and will update it in the time interval set by admin. Statistics will be updated for both Advertisers & Campaigns and Websites & Zones.

In admin side you will get a text box there you can set duration for statistics update in minutes.

This mod is beneficial for Administrator, manager, Advertiser and Publisher. Since they all can see statistics.

For more info:

please refer the following link.

Upgradation of Openx2.4 version to latest version

Monday, May 12th, 2008


We are usning OpenX 2.4 verstion. now, i want to upgrade of openx 2.4 to new version without any data missing.


We are providing upgradation services for Openx2.4 or later version to latest version, through

We can upgrade your OpenX 2.4 or later version to latest one or other versions you want.

The administrator may some times find difficulties in upgrading OpenX, he/she may get server problem many times. So you dont have to waste your time in upgrading it and face the problems while upgrading.

We require only your FTP details and your database details to upgrade OpenX for you.

The upgradation service will be completed with-in 1 business day.

for more details:

Email for successful conversion for publisher

Monday, May 12th, 2008

How do send the email to publisher after finish the successful conversion?

We provide one plugin for this feature.
This will send mail to the publisher, when a user complete successful conversion by clicking on the publishers zone.
The publisher will get a mail text box in his zone section where he can set Email ID, this will send mail to notify the publisher about each and every successful conversion.

Lets the publisher to know about each and every conversion.
The publisher will get a mail for each and every conversion.
It is very useful to the publisher.
for more details:

OpenX tags in ASP Web pages

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I have a website built in ASP and OpenX running on a separate Unix server. There are two things that I am requiring assistance with.

1. I am using OpenX as more of a dynamic content management tool. Once someone lands on the site and we know specific important things about them that would determine what content they would see, like language, geography, referring url, etc., we want to have those variables or referring traits follow them to subsequent pages so that the correct content continues to appear.

You are saying that “I am using OpenX as more of a dynamic content management tool.”. So, can you tell us how you are using OpenX dynamically in details?

Here, are you asking us to make changes in your site such that those variables will pass in your subsequent pages? .

So, time for this work will depend upon how many pages you have in your sites

2. I need to install code in the ASP webpages around the OpenX tags that would test whether content was delivered from the OpenX application and if not, would insert a default image or html instead. The problem, as I understand it, is that the best way to do this is by using the XML-RPC invocation codes. Since the website is written for ASP, I was told that an XML-RPC library and a custom script would allow this type of solution to work. Anyway you feel this could be done would be fine.

I think we can use javascript code to display.

I hope that you can help me finish the site by providing these functions. Please let me know the approximate timing.

All this work will take 7 days.