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Contextual Targeting

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Do the Advertisers wants to place the Ad Unit based on the context of the web page?
This will help the advertiser to display the ads only to the pages which is relevant to their Ads.
Generally the sites are targeted using the Meta keywords and we use such efficient meta keywords to target the Ads.
The banner can be targeted with multiple Keywords.
The banners will be displayed in the site only if the any of the Meta Keyword of the site matches with any of the keyword assigned to the banner.

For more details:

URL Report of Ads

Saturday, August 16th, 2008


How do display ads link in report page?. how to do that?


Do you want ad link in your report page?. correct. ok, we can do this functionality. this functionality is not having in openx. We have developed one plugins for this.
The Link will be displayed in the statistics page to report.
Clicking on the link you will have a pop up with the records of the URL and the impressions in that URL.
The report can be viewed for the particular period similar to the statistics.

please check the link:

OpenX over Zedo

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


We are an adnetwork firm, we do serve more than 60 MM impressions / month across the globe, we were using Zedo for ad serving, now we want to shift to OpenX Ad server due
to some issues with Zedo, we do serve Banners,Pops,Contextual,Text
ads,floating ads, want to know more about your services and support, we
had already insatlled OpenX @ our end, wanted to know is there any
chance of doing contextual targeting in OpenX, if so can you guys
provide me the details of service & support


As we know, for displaying contextual targeting banners, we have to crawl page and we need to gather all keywords in page which is not possible in openx.

So, we have other option is we can give keywords in source variables in invocation code and it will display related banners.

Our services and supports:

Still OpenX is not giving full control in displaying banners according to keywords. We can make it as you want, even we can customize this functionality according

to your (unique) requirements.

Also, we can do some other way to display best appropriate banner in publisher sites.

1) We can implement category targeting in OpenX so that most banners will displayed in sites which are in its targeted category.

2) We can extract some keywords from site URL and we can allow advertiser to give list of keywords and if both are matched then OpenX will give higher priority to this banner.

Implementation Time: 15 days.

Still, we need your detailed final requirements so we can go further on this.

OpenX to generate generate clickthrough add revenues

Friday, August 8th, 2008


I am looking to produce many sites in order to generate clickthrough add revenues such as adsense… I have researched many domainers/bloggers..but a very beginner..I built 20 sites in blogger in a day..looking for a more efficient way or quicker well as to make numerous non-english sites and looking to generate ad revenue… I have read of several that have 10-300 thousand sites in this nature..this is what I am attempting to do.. looking for a consultant to assist me..


Yes, it’s possible to earn money by purchasing thousand sites and displaying banners (advertisements).

Those sites can be blogs sites, discussion forums, social community sites etc..,

We certain set of strategies to bring traffics to all your sites (SEO) from that you will get more no of clicks and impressions and so revenue also

But to maintain all your sites’ banners, we need to have a adserver i.e. openx (which take control of your advertisements)

Initially, we can use google adsense advertisements. Once you get good traffics to all your sites, you can invite advertisers to advertise in your site

directly without any third party advertise medium (like google adsense). Also, you can display your house campaigns and many more using openx.

If you have any other queries feel free to ask us.