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publisher registration module for openx

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

How do create an Publisher registration in openx?
Don’t have to depend on the administrator for each and every thing,right from creating an account.


This option is not available in openx. we have created for this feature.

The Publisher can register himself using this special mod.

This requires only few informations from the user before registering.

After registering, the Publisher can login using their user name and password

Publisher can self register, edit etc…It collects few specific informations
about the publisher.

It is very easy to work with and very useful to the publisher.

For more info:

OpenX integration with Drupal and Vbulletin

Friday, September 5th, 2008


If I dont bother you I wanna ask some questions about OpenX … it seems is good platform for my needs . I wanna make this site simply best arcade and flash game from the market today , I worked loads , tested allmoust all of the scripts from the market , deffo none had all options wich I`m wish for my site so I was forced to go to hire some freelancer work for that . In next couple of weeks I`ll have ready for launch my complectly new and unique site with games ( thats include desing / custom game script .. allmoust evrithing … ) The biggest problem for me will be the ads . So there at this point I need your help . My site will run on Drupal platform , and I have forum there also ( vbulletin last version ) . I think I can manage to install the OpenX and the module available for drupal ( unfortunate me I didnt find any vbulletin mods available for my ads :) … ) . So … now I wanna ask you some tascks wich I need to be done on my behalf .

1. Integration from OpenX & Drupal & Vbulletin ( there is available one module on drupal mods to integrate vbulletin with drupal sites - where users can share same password … and stuffs like this ) .

2. If is possible to use ads from google togheter ( on banner rotation sistem - I mean ads to be rotate thru my 3 ads spots from site and other 3 spots from forum )

3. At the forum I`m wish to create an special set with ads with 468 X 60 for users who have less than 15 or 20 posts ( ads from shopingads network (its simmilar with google ads ) and maybe some banners )

Please if you didnt bother arleady you will all this story drop me a reply soon with a time estimate for that project .


Yes, we can help you to integrate Drupal and vbulletin to OpenX.

And we will set zone and banners to display ads in your site and forum.

Integration from OpenX & Drupal & Vbulletin à 10 Days

Settings banners and zones in openx and as well as to your sites à 4 days

Total: 14 Days