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Time Targeting by Advertiser

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008


Can we display my banner within one particular time?.  for example, my banner will be display only 7 AM to 10 AM. can we do this?

We can display one banner for particular time.
You will display your banner for a particular time.
The advertiser can choose the time limitation, to display his banners.
The banner will be displayed to targeted user at particular time.
Advertiser receives the instant and effective result. You will install one plugin only

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Websites performance for Advertisers

Monday, October 20th, 2008


we are having more website in my ads management sytem.  i am using OpenX. i want to see the performance for the each and every website. can we see the performance for advertisers?


We provides a new feature to the advertisers such that they can see the performance of all the websites.

Advertiser can see the impressions that each Website had.

This will be very beneficial for the advertiser because advertiser can see the performance of the websites and on the basis of performance he can select the best website for his banners.

Advertiser will get a drop down to select the period (month and year) for which he wants to see the performance.

For performance:

Installation of Openx Module to Joomla

Friday, October 17th, 2008


I am having one site using joomla. i want to install openx with my joomla site. have you any plugin for this?


Yes, We provide “Installation of Openx Module to Joomla” plugin for the openx.

We provide installation services for openX module with joomla through
We can install current module to openX 2.4 or later version or to hosted version of openX.
We also provide the installation process according to each customers.
After installation, we will customize the openX module for joomla for diaplaying the ads.
You can create multiple ads in a single page at different positions in your joomla Templates.

OpenX 2.4 or later version installed or hosted version of openX
Joomla 1.5.x installed

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Targeting Model for OpenX

Thursday, October 16th, 2008


We have created quite a unique model in that we use a blended targeting process which need to use 5 different targeting models. They are behavioral, geographic, demographic, preferential, and contextual. We have a process that runs verification algorithms that quantifies the user targeting data which then enables us to distribute highly targeted ads. We are in the process of moving this over to OpenX and need some consultancy and help getting OpenX to be able to support this ability. The other big function is that we are very video ad based. Our primary model is based on 1-30 second video ads which also must be able to support delivering a companion ad(s) with the video ad.


Let me understood what I understand from your requirements.

You have gathered or you have process which will gather user’s data and using this data, you want OpenX to deliver best matched banners (or ads).

OpenX will have five type of targeting modules.

1) Behavioral :: According to users’ online history. Suppose, he clicked on “Auto” type banner so next time, OpenX should give some more priority

to same category’s banners.

2) Geographic :: Display ads by his location. (It can be found by IP or from user profile data.)

3) demographic :: Display ads using user’s profile data.

4) Preferential :: Display ads using user’s preference industry or categories.

5) Contextual :: Display ads by sites’ text or contents where banner is going to display.

Also, you want to display video ad on page. It means advertiser can upload 1-30 seconds video as banner and it will display in site page same as normal banner.

Implementing Geographic , demographic and preferential model in OpenX will take 3 days.

Implementation of functionality which will allow advertisers to upload flv banner and OpenX will display it in publisher site as it displays normal banner

will take 1 days.

But we need more details/clarification on how you want to implement contextual model and behavioral model.

So, We need more details on above targeting models and after your detailed requirements, we can give exact time-estimation of this functionality.

Self Registration and automatic Banner Optimization

Monday, October 13th, 2008


Basically I would like to create a site that runs on top of the openX system, that would allow users to self register, pick banners from a database, and then optimize those banners automatically. You already have some of the scripts built it would seem. Do you have any samples of sites that may have already done this, and estimated costs?


Yes, scripts exists for self register , link banners permissions and optimize banners.

Integration of this mod will take 2 days.

(In above time estimation, I excluded implementation of any custom requirements. If you give documents with your requirements then we can give exact time estimation.)

Capacity planning and booking management system integration with OpenX

Monday, October 13th, 2008


Do you know of a capacity planning and booking management system that integrates with OpenX? We run a network of sites and need to manage the process of booking and managing capacity


Now, OpenX is not supporting integration with any booking management system or capacity planning software.

But we can implement new module on OpenX based on your custom requirements. (Just send us detailed documents of your requirements and we will give you approximate time estimation.)

I am giving you small description of your requirements. So, you can tell us your requirements in better way.

Suppose, you are displaying ads in your group of sites by OpenX then we can make new UI for advertisers where he can see empty slots (in OpenX terms, zones) in sites.

If there is any empty slots where Advertiser wants to display his ads for some time period then he can book it by paying cost (which can be set by admin) via paypal and after successful payment from paypal, his banners will going to start display in that slot (zone).

If there is no empty slots then he can see when each zone is going to be empty and according to it, he can booked that slots for future time period by paying amount by paypal.

Also, Module will have admin side where admin can set each zone price on CPC, CPM or fixed cost per month basis.

So, you can give us your custom requirements in details (as above) and we will give you time estimation ASAP.

If you want normal billing system for your OpenX then you can go for below mods.

Advertising by Temperature in openx

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

How do display the banners according to the temperature prevailing in a particular city or country for advertiser?

This is not exist in openx.

This will display a range of temperatures in the banner property page where you can set the temperatures you require.

This will identify the temperature set by the advertiser and displays the banner to the users in that particular location.

Helps to display the ads in locations with a specific temperature.
Will provide instant results.
It provides a list to choose from.
It is very useful for the advertiser to cover his target group alone.
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Move Individual Banners in openx

Thursday, October 9th, 2008


How do move one individual banner form one locatioin to another one location?


This feature is not available in openx. we have created one plugin.

This will provide you a “move to” option in the “modify banner” option. It will also provide you a drop down list to choose from.

This helps you to move the Individual banners to another campaign.

This can be done similarly for the multiple banners also.

Currently you can do this by hand and remaking ads.

Thus, using this, you will not find any difficulties in moving the banners from one location to another.

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