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Show A Banner With A Domain Limitation

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

How do set show a banner with in a domain limitation?

This option is not available in the openx. we can do customize for this.

This will provide you a text box where you can type specific words.

The text box will be displayed in the advertiser section.

The advertiser can use it for displaying his banner to those domain names of publishers which contains that specific word.

If publisher domain name contains that word, which the advertiser displayed, then the banner will be display.

The banner will not be displayed in all other places.

Thus, this will help the advertiser to choose the site, where his banners should be displayed.

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Add Borders On A Banner

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

How do set the border and change border color in banner?
Using this mod you can add and remove a border to a banner by just clicking in the banner settings.

It will also help you to add and remove colors to the border of the banner. The colors are defined in RGB format (#ff5566).

You can also edit the border color and thickness according to your desire for each and every banner.


Gives border to your banner.
Helps you to create colorful banners.
You can select the thickness which you desire.
You can make your banner more attractive.

No Sale Conversion In Statistics

Thursday, November 27th, 2008


I’m having the following issue:

- Installed latest version of OpenX
- Clicks and impressions stats are OK
- I’m using an image tag to track sales: it is correctly displayed on the “Thank you” page (variable is OK too)
- I’m having data and variables recorded in my MySql table
- No conversion is shown in statistics/reports
- Maintenance says “Automatic maintenance is running correctly.”

How can we proceed to fix this issue?


It seems that your maintenance script is not processing conversion data properly.

We have to look inside maintenance script to fix this issue.

Resolving this problem will take max 2 days.

Advertiser Statistics Plugin

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

How do create easy interface to the Advertisers to view all their Campaign statistics and Banner associated with those campaign?. Is there any option in openx?

This is not exist in openx functionality. We have customized plugin for this.
The Advertiser can view the all Campaign and Banner statistics based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis.
The Campaign daily statistics functionalities provides the statistics report for pariticular Campaign for each day.
The Campaign weekly statistics functionalities provide the statistics report for pariticular Campaign for each week.
The Campaign Monthly statistics functionalities provide the statistics report for pariticular Campaign for each month.
The Advertiser statistics Plugin embeddeds the campaign statistics and banner statistics of the campaign.
The Advertiser statistics Plugin helps for easy analysis of Campaign performance and Banner performance under a Campaign.
The Advertisers are not required to have high knowledge about the openX functions.
This customized program provides the interface and any futher upgrade to the openx will not affect the Plugin.
This customized program can be used with any upcoming versions of the OpenX
The login functionalities are available with the Campaign statistics Plugin.
This is the simplified form and no need of usin XML-RPC protocol.
It can be easily modifiable and scalable so that can be extended in futher.

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Banner Approval by admin

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I am using the openx for ad management. we have more than advertiser and publisher. How do manage the Approve/ Reject banners?.

This feature is not available in Openx. We can customize for this feature.
Admin can approve or Reject banners.
This will gives the advertiser his full freedom.
The allows the advertiser to upload any banner he likes.
The makes your work very easy in managing the banners.
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Thread Prefixes in openx

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

We provide one module for the Thread prefixes in openx.

This will help you, if you want to set prefix in your thread.

This modification allows the users to choose a thread prefix for each thread.

This will provide a list of prefix beside the title while posting.

You can select an appropriate prefix from a list beside the title while posting a new thread.

For example: ‘Help’, ‘Problem’, ‘Search’ etc.

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All banners invocation code from zone (only active bannners)

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

How do create single invocation code for all linked banners and with active banner?

The publisher can view all the linked banners and he/she can also use these in his/her site to attract other advertisers.

This will not display the deactivated and expired banners.

you can align banners using custom css.
This Will provide a single invocation code.
Will list only the active and existing banners.
Will display all the linked banners with a single code.
Very useful to the publisher to attract new advertisers.
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Invocation Code to display banners on Affiliate Category

Friday, November 14th, 2008


I need for an invocation code to display banners of a certain size but to exclude banners that match the affiliates category from displaying on his site.

Example1 – An advertiser in category “Marketing – Network Marketing (ox_affiliates - aoc_category_id = 2202)” has a banner of size 468×60. On his website he has allocated a spot to display banners of size 468×60 but does not want to display banners from advertisers (the competition) in his same category (2202).

Do you have the instructions on how to set this up and obtain the proper invocation code OR do you have the code to alter openx (latest version) so that I may achieve my purpose. I am looking for a simple solution that won’t interfere with my ability to keep this functionality after upgrading or the instruction to achieve my purpose using openx features like Zones and keywords. In other words an encrypted module will not help because I will not be able to integrate it into my frontend so that it becomes a seemless part of my modifications.

I already have the ability to alter the database tables at will to do things like copy the comtents of ox_affiliates->aoc_category_id to ox_banners->keyword and so on.

Can you help?


Yes, we can help you to implement your requirements in latest version of OpenX.

First let me explain your requirements.

Suppose, any publisher has selected “Marketing - Network Marketing” as a category of his site then you don’t want to display competitor banners in publisher sites.

We have to implement this custom requirements.

First our module will give category drop-down in advertiser property page so that advertiser can select his appropriate category.

(as you may know, OpenX is allowing only publishers to choose category, not to advertisers.)

At time of displaying banners, our module will check publisher category and it will allow only banners of advertisers who are not from same category.

Implementation of this functionality will take 2 days.

Advertiser permission for delivery option in openx

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

We provides one innovative plugin for the advertiser permission for delivery option in openx.

By installing this advertisers can see the delivery option.

Advertiser can impose delivery limitation for his banners.

It is very useful to the Advertisers they can confine their targeted customers.

It is very easy to install and use.

It it very beneficial for the Advertisers.
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FLV Banner for OpenX

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


Does Flv Banner for OpenX plugin means that we can play flv files through OpenX or just upload.


No, it’s not only uploading. OpenX will play flv banner also.

This mod will allow admin to upload flv banners and OpenX will play flv video banners also by invocation code.

You can see demo in mod itself.