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Adding Site Name To Ad

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

How to display my site name below of ads?. for example google adsense is displayed “Ads by google” like this.

You can display your site name or brand name along with your advertisement.
This will help you to display your site name or brand name in the bottom of each and every banner.
This will display your site name or brand name with any king of banners like, image banners, text banners, flash banners etc..
You Can display the site name at the bottom of each and every banner.
You Can display the brand name at the bottom of each and every banner.
Will bring you instant results.
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Billing module with different price for each banner in openx

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

How do set the price for different price for each banner in openx?

This feature is not exist in openx. we can do customize for this.
This will help you by calculating statistics of advertiser and publisher monthly.
Here, the administrator will be provided an interface there he can see the all advertisers and their respective campaigns and banners. For each banner Administrator has to set price in terms of 1000 impressions.
Very useful for the Administrator since he can set different price for each banner. Advertiser will get one interface, where he can see all previous months cost and he can pay current month cost.
In administrator side, administrator can set his PayPal id. Thus, the advertiser can pay through PayPal to this PayPal id.
Also here, administrator can set the publisher sharing in terms of 1000 impressions. At end of month, advertiser has to pay amount to administrator and administrator has to pay to publisher on the basis of impressions viewed.
Also, this will store all history of the payments.
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zone duplication with linked banners for openx

Monday, December 15th, 2008

How do create one new zone duplication with linked banners? How do to create that?

You want to duplicate the zone with all the linked banners!! We have plugin for this.
This functionality does not exist in OpenX.
OpenX is proving Zone Duplicate functionality which is duplicating zone without duplicating linked banners.
This will duplicate the zone with all the linked banners.

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Billing System Integration with Admin Control

Friday, December 12th, 2008


We want a system where advertisers can place their adverts with as little
interaction between us as possible (preferably none!!). We have diffrent
advert positions (currently on one site but later more) and each one has a
diffrent price. The question comes in with your system is that we see you
have to make packages which we really do not want, we want the customer to
be able to select how many units they want and in which position and it to
calculate the cost and then take payment. So people could order 50 CPM units
in position 3 at £5 per CPM or 51 units or 52 etc… without having to
define hundreds of packages. Then they should be able to upload the banner and process the payment via paypal. So the whole thing, including renewals if possible, is handled by the server and openx program and we do not have to upload banners and deal with payment!

We think your system maybe able to do this, but if not we would need a quote for such customisation. It should not be that hard as its a few database calls its simply time is of the essence and if an off the shelf solution to automated charging for advertising is possible then that would really help us out.


Billing System Integration (Paypal) with Admin Control which will allow you to purchase package in any number of quantity but purchased impressions will apply to all his banners (Banners can be different size and they can be displayed in different zones but it will not affect. It means all zones will have same price (XXX $ per CPM)).

As per your requirement, you want admin to set each pre-defined zones price (It can be different for each zone) and allow advertiser to selects position for his banner and selects number of CPM units and allow him to upload banner and redirect him to paypal for payment. Once he will pay successfully, his banner will be active and it will start to display in selected zone of site.

For this, we have to make new UI (not in OpenX UI) for advertisers where he can do all above steps. Also, we have to disable some of OpenX permissions for advertiser so that he can not linked to other zones afterwards. (He should be linked with that zone only which zone was selected before payment.)

Implementation of all these functionality will take 2 days.

Advance Unique Clicks & Impressions

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008


to my understanding,i will take quite a few days rite to process all of my data for unique
imp n click. ? u know how long it would take for my 50M row of raw impression?


advanced Unique clicks and impressions will process all your raw statistics when next maintenance will run by cron job.

(So, it will not take more than few seconds to process all your raw statistics and it will start to display in OpenX statistics page in next one hour or two.)

Openx that can serve billion of impressions daily without failure

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008


I would like to know how to propose to implement a without failure Openx on the current infrastructure we have at our site currently we have a quad core dedicated server with 250 GB of HD and a dual core dual dedicated server with 250 HD both are connection to the public internet at 100 MBPS and 100 MBPS in private network we have 6 free ips.Also we have a Content Delivery Network account.


This is enough for OpenX 2.6 to deliver more than billion impressions daily.

You have to keep in mind that server should not be down at any time because it delivers banners to other sites.

You can see more details about system requires here.

URL Report of Ads for openx

Monday, December 1st, 2008

How can we to get the URL where your Ads are displayed?. I want to display URL in ads.

This will help the Advertisers to have a record of the URLs where their Ads are displayed.

The Advertisers can have the basic analysis like in which URL he gets more impressions, whether the ads are displayed in the relevant sites, etc.,

The Link will be displayed in the statistics page to report.
Clicking on the link you will have a pop up with the records of the URL and the impressions in that URL.
The report can be viewed for the particular period similar to the statistics.
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Show ads(banners) to members of a membership site

Monday, December 1st, 2008


I have a requirement to show ads(banners) to members of a membership site.

I only want to show the banner till it gets clicked then the member never sees it again.

I need to have full stats of the banners the member has clicked (they are cpa incentivized offers) and the last most important thing is that the members can introduce other members and I need to know the stats of these introduced members as well.


Yes, we can do it.

We will build module such that it will not allow member to see banner again if member has already clicked on it.

Also, we can build referrer system in which member can referrer other members and as admin, you can see all stats by members and it’s referrer stats.