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N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page

Monday, January 26th, 2009


We have more banners in one zone. We are using the openx. Now, how do display all banner rotation without Page reloading?. How can do this?


This functionality is not providing by default openx. We can do this functionaly for openx. we can customize the openx code.
N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page mod will help the publisher to rotate any number of banners.
By installing this mod, publisher will be able to display any number of banners in the same zone.
The banners will be rotated in a zone with some time gap. No need to reload the page to see next banner.
It means the first banner will be automatically replaced by next banner. After sometime second banner will be replaced by next one in queue.
Also, It will not increase execution time in your page, because it rotates once the page executes.

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Click-to-SMS using OpenX

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009


What we wish to do is a Click-to-SMS using Openx, Joomla, AlphaUserPoints and Adhere.


I think you want to integrate Adhere (OpenX mobile version) and joomla (with alphaUserPoints plugins) to send sms and counting ads.

We are expert in adserver and CMS opensource and we can easily customize both product.

Please give us your detailed requirements and we will give you exact time estimation.

(We need more details specifically on your “Click to SMS” process.)

OpenX custom tags

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


I need custom openX invocation tags, could you quote how long would this take?

* I want to specify the page target only once in the section of the page (eg sports, nightlife)
* I want simple image ads to rotate without a page load
* I don’t want to specify the zone sizes (I have my own reasons)
* I want to run this with open x hosted
* I don’t want a banner to repeat on the same page
* I’m thinking that XML-RPC is the way to go although this isn’t part of open x hosted, I’ve emailed them to find out how much this access will cost. A div in the page that has the zone name as it’s id could be replaced in the DOM with new ad.


We have analyzed your requirements.

Let me explain each invocation code characteristics.

Image type of invocation code will allow reloading but it will not allow to block image second times in page.

Iframe type of invocation code will not allow target ads globally and it may display same banner again on same page.

Xml-RPC invocation code will not allow reloading banner without refreshing page.

Javascript type of invocation code will not allow reloading banner but it will allow to target banner from header and block banner to display again on same page but it will not allow reloading banner without refreshing page.

Also, each modification requires to change in OpenX files. So, we can not integrate to OpenX hosted but we can do with your OpenX installation.

Do you want only 1 invocation code having all functionality or do you want individual invocation code with individual functionality?

Please give your clear idea so we can give you best matched feasible solution for you.


“However, a script could be written in any language to read and print the data returned by OpenX.”

The current XML-RPC is php, this has to run as the page is being built so it cannot reload the ads without a page load. However, a javascript XML-RPC function could be made to call a new ad each time it was called, this ad could then be inserted into the DOM. This would be an additional custom javascript. Repeating banners would then be a problem but I can live with that.

Can you do this?


Yes, we can do this and I think you already know what limitation is for this type of invocation code (as you described).

We will make invocation code which will call other file which will have xml-rpc banner and it will replace div in every defined time.

Implementation of this custom invocation code will take 2 days.

Rotating Campaigns By Calendar Week for openx

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

We creates one plugin for the rotating campaigns by first week, second week, and etc.

If the administrator has several customers having exclusive banners in one zone., It gives first, second, third or fourth week of a month as options.

Thus the administrator can display the banners in that particular zone for that particular week.

So every month you can update start stop dates on several campaigns.

Order a way to duplicate campaigns allows you to quickly set them up into the future faster.
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OpenX as a money making tool for magazine publishers

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Magazine publishers are highly benefited using OpenX as their backend for their advertising needs. OpenX is an opensource tool which can be installed on any hosting servers. As a first step, it can be even hosted on a shared hosting and installation is just few clicks and you have a backend ready for all adserving needs.

Magazine publishers have complete freedom to sell ads for ad placement, and can track clicks, impressions and peformance of ads. provides complete and custom solution for magazine publishers.

OpenX and RoundCube Integration

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Please see the points below -

We have 2 scenario -

Scenario 1 (For free users):

1. The master administrator (the owner of the domain, myself and all the domains in my email system) will manage the OpenX with his own campaign and will put the code in kind of his own control panel so that each and every outgoing email from that domain has an text or html advert attach to it whereever inserted (see below).
2. The master administrator should be able to specify through a control panel where in the email body he wants his ad to appear:- Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Centre and after every each paragraph on the email body.
3) and should be able to control all other domains as well.

Scenatio 2 (For paid users (domain owners), who will receive emails of their own domain in Roundcube.

1. The user will manage his own ad’s, administrator (the owner of the domain) all ad will be managed by the domain owner. (same as above).
2. The user will be able to specify where he wants to put his own ad on the message body (same as above.)

In scenario 1 above the registered users (if they are not domain owners get percentage paid for any click they get on the advert which went through their email, so i should be able to see how much is the total amount earned through click and the amount which registered user have earned through the click on ads on emails. send an email alert to the registered users on monthly basis for the revenue they generated for themselves.

in scenario 2 above the domain owners (same as above) plus in this case they may have more then one email address in their own domian, so through their control panel they should be able track and view revenue they generated through different emails.


We have gone through details which you gave us.

Let me explain you what we understood.

You have mainly four types of users (From the given two scenario, we assumed that you have four users and If we are wrong then let us know).

1) Administrator

2) Registered users who are domain owner

3) Registered users who are not domain owner

4) Unregistered Users

You want to attach advert in each mail sent by users (in defined position which will be decided by administrator).

You as administrator will decide campaigns for free users and domain users.

Registered users as domain owner will manage ads for their users (ads will be inserted by admin (you) only but domain owner can decide which ads should be display for their users). Domain owner should have one control panel where he can see which user has clicked on advert and he will get percentage of revenue from advert. This percentage will be decided by you (administrator).

But we need some clarification on your requirements.

1) We are confused with free and paid users terms which you used in scenario. Can you give more details on it?

2) I am confused with “scenario 2 – (2) point”.

The user will be able to specify where he wants to put his own ad on the message body (same as above.)

Can domain owner create his own campaign and banners?

I mean if he can create his banners to display in his users email then how will you get percentage of revenue.

(I am thinking that you mean administrator ads by “his own ads”, am I right?)

3) Do you want to use OpenX UI as domain owner control panel where he can see clicks and revenue earning?

More Answers:

we need to custom roundcube with multidomain support and ads should be display in each mail (in defined place by admin or domain owner.).

For normal users, administrator get control and revenue and for domain users, domain owner will get controls and percentage of ad revenue.

You have to do some manual work at time of adding domain in roundcube. We will try to make everything easy and with less configuration.

We will make UI for Adminstrator and domain owner where they can decide ads for their users and they can see clicks and earnings.

This will take approximately 30 days.

All banners invocation code with custom css

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009


we need a single invocation code, which will list out all linked banners and all active banners. How can do this?


Using this code, the publisher can view all the linked banners and he/she can also use these in his/her site to attract other advertisers.

This will not display the deactivated and expired banners. you can align banners using custom CSS.

This will work for Local banner (web server), URL banner, and SWF banner only.

Will provide a single invocation code.

Will list only the active and existing banners.

Will display all the linked banners with a single code.

Very useful to the publisher to attract new advertisers.

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