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Mass Import in openx

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

How to upload mass import data’s from external CSV file?


This feature is not available in default openx functionality.

But, we can customize for this feature. this will do the Automated mass import of users, banners, advertisers, and campaigns from CSV files, other ad server databases..

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OpenX adnetwork setup

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

OpenX can be used to setup adnetwork just like any other private adnetwork like double click or Yahoo publisher network. There are lots of features available as plugins and mods from sites like and using which you can go with basic installation of OpenX and start installing whichever features you would require for your adnetwork.

There are lots of adnetwork sites successfully running using OpenX as its backend. provides custom solutions for advertising agencies to setup its own adnetwork.

OpenX to handle publishers with special rights

Thursday, February 12th, 2009


we’re an advertising company that congregates publisher websites and sell inventory as an industry wide package and not as individual websites.

Therein lies our concern with regards to utilizing OpenX which caters mainly to a single publisher managing their web inventories. We’re interested in having a more customized version of OpenX which introduces another layer, that allows us to delegate specific rights to publishers and allow them to view campaigns that are running on their sites only, as currently there is no straightforward means of allowing this due to the fact that our campaigns run across multiple publisher’s sites.


I have gone through your requirements and let me explain what I understood.

I think you want publisher to create campaigns and banners which will run in his own site only and he can manage his own campaign inventory.

(As this campaign will not display in other publisher sites, other publishers can not see this campaign.)

Also, Publisher will not have other campaigns permissions because other campaigns may display in other publisher’s sites (As current OpenX does).

So, we need to allow him to manage his zones as well as campaigns which will run only on in his website (I am not sure whether this campaigns will be created by him or any advertisers or admin.).

We have to make new layer (with required permissions to publishers) where this functionality can be implemented.

This will take approximately 15 to 25 days according to depth of requirements.

Hide Past Inactive Campaigns in openx

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

How do hide the past inactive campaign in openx?

This feature is not exist in the openx. we have plugin for this.

This allows to hide those campaigns which are expired, (past inactive campaigns) in campaign overview page.

This will not hide campaigns which will be activated in future.

For example, if Advertiser has a campaign set to active tomorrow, and now if the Advertiser clicks on hide inactive campaigns link, it will hide all inactive campaigns from view.

It means it will hide campaigns which will be activated in future also. (And this is what most advertisers don’t want because he want to manage all current campaign and future campaigns)

So, this will help for such kind of Advertisers.

They could see all active campaigns and all future campaigns also, so that Advertiser will find it easy-to-manage active campaigns in their current view.
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Friend invitation for Advertiser

Thursday, February 5th, 2009


I am using openx. i am one of the advertiser in the openx. i want to invite more friends. Is there any function in the openx?


Being an advertiser, do you want to invite more and more friends?

You can do this function. but, you will customize your openx or you will install one plugin for this.

For this, the advertiser has to just fill the form and click send… the invitation will be sent to all your friends.

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