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Different Banner Types In Same Zone for openx

Monday, March 30th, 2009

How do display different type of banners (image banner, text banner, animation banner) in same zone in openx?

We provide one module for this feature.
you want to display different kinds of banners in the same zone, this is high priority to you.
This will allow you to add different kinds of banners in the same zone.
Like this you can add any number of image banners and any number of html banners in the same zone.
Thus, this is very useful to the advertiser as he can display more number of banners in the same zone.

How do use this:
Login as Admin, switch to default manager.
Click on websites and zones tab.
link banners of different types in the zone.
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Multiple Install (Instances) of OpenX

Friday, March 27th, 2009


Yes, I am wainting for an associate, but it is a project to configure various openx installations to work whithin one main openx installation. We have many portals running, each one with its own openx installation, but we want to create like our own advertising network and run campaings in all portals at the same time, and be able to have reporting for all advertisers
Have you seen this scenario before? Using a main openx install to serve other openx installs?
or is this idea wrong? Ok, let me know if you come up with a suggestion, for I dont know if we can manage to manage many openx installs, from a main install


Yes, I think you are talking about multiple instance of OpenX with centralized Database (or say OpenX), right?

We have setup this system for our number of clients who have 5-10M+ impressions per day to reduce load on server.

We can setup multiple OpenX to delivery ads(banners) and all summarized statistics will be stored in central database and advertiser/publishers and admin can see all statistics.

Let me know if you need different type of setup and give more details on it. We can setup for you depends on feasibility.

Waiting for positive reply from you.

Send Mail Before Campaign Is Deactivated in openx

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

How do set the remainder for before my banner or campaign is expiring?

This feature is not exist in openx. but, we provide plugin for this.

This sends an email to the advertiser before the end of its banner display or campaign.

This informs advertiser banner or campaign expiration.

Thus, it helps the advertiser to plan for the next banner or try to display the same banner.

Gives a mail to the advertiser before the expiration of the banner or campaign.

Helps the advertiser in planing well ahead. The advertiser will be able to know the clear position of his banners.

It is very useful for the advertiser.

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Hide Banner After Clicking

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


How do display a particular banner has been clicked by a user and if the advertiser don’t want to display that particular banner for some ‘t’ seconds?. Is this functionality in Openx?

This functioinality is not existing in the openx. But, we provide plugin for this. This plugin is working for this.
We can set some time frame for the displaying banner.
The time after which the same banner could be displayed can be set by the administrator.
After a banner has been delivered, if the user click on the banner he can see that banner only one time, after that the user can not see that same banner again for some ‘t’ seconds.
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Add campaign permission to advertisers

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


i am one of the advertiser. i need permission for adding new campaign to the advertisers. how can do this?


This functionality is not exiting in the openx. So, We have created one plugin for this requirement.
The administrator can give the permission to the advertisers for creating campaigns by themselves.
This will not give global permission to all advertisers for creating campaigns.
Administrator can give the permission to advertisers whomsoever he wants.

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Advertisers last month report for Admin

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


How do create last month report for all advertisers?. i am using openx for adserver.

The functionality such that Administrator will be able to send the advertisers’ last month’s report. Administrator will get UI for setting the E-mail Id to whom he wants to send the report.

So all the users, for which Administrator has set E-mail Id will get report daily. The report will contain the last month’s performance of all Advertisers. The E-mail sending process will be automated.

The Report will contain the following details:

Advertiser’s name
Click through ratio (CTR).
The report will contain detail information of each campaign and banners for all advertisers.
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One-click ad placement integration for advertisers

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I would like to have advertisers search publishers, in a list, similar to this Can I pull the information for the listings page from openx db.

We can list all the publishers available to your advertisers, with the their available zones detail.

I also want one-click ad placement integration for advertisers who have a banner already set up. That is to say, on the listing page there is to be a button that says place your ad here. There is more but that can be dealt with later. What do you think?

We can auto link the banners to the Zones if the Advertiser clicks on the button, Place your Ad here.

We need more clarification about this functionality since there are several cases to the link the ads to the zones. Some of the cases are below.

· The Advertiser may have many banners, and he wants only to place 1 particular banner in the particular website.

· The Advertiser may have two banners and he wants only to link the zone that is in the header of the website.

· There may be several zones in a page with same dimensions, the Advertiser wants to link the banners to some particular zone only.

In these case, While clicking on the Place Ad here Button there may be some popup window that allows the Advertiser to link to the zones.

Give the detail requirement about the placing of the Ads in the Website to go ahead with the implementation.

The integrating of openx to your site and implementing all the above said functionality will require around 2 to 3 days.

Banner Shoot Problems

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


it was not suppose to happen that all banners ar shoot just in 1 day.

Is there a way to find exactly why this happen, so I can tell it to the client “witout no doubt”

Also, is there a way to fix this for GOOD - so this banners ar never over shoot any more.


I have checked that campaign and all linked zones and priority and it seems that it has correct settings.

There are number of factors for this problem like, wrong priority, delivery limitation etc. you may have given wrong priority at time of setup so this may occur.

(You should check campaigns and banners for at-least next 2 hours and daily once for 2 days when you setup it first time to stop reoccur of this problem.)

Your second campaign is working fine.

You can purchase this mod which will distribute statistics hourly so all impressions will be distributed given time period.

Monitoring Thirdy Party AdPerformance

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009


If you can build a module that detects the email clients viewing our ad impressions, can it be the list in text shown here? Do you know if can break down the clients even further to show Yahoo Classic vs. Yahoo All-New?


Yes, we can implement new system which can track email-clients. It can give us easily mail domain like, and and still we can filter them then we can get deep structure like as you told, yahoo beta, yahoo classic.

(Mail server wont give any value saying that it’s beta or classic but we need to get from url of server only. All trackers will get from urls only.)

We can display one more link image near to each banner/campaigns/advertisers in stats page. Clicking on that image, will give popup which can list out all mail server (including other referrer domain.).

Advanced search option for Admin

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


How do search country basis or city basis in admin side?


If there are bulk of advertisers and publishers, this provides a great filtering of advertisers and publishers based on some criteria.

This is very convenient to admin. It will save administrator’s valuable time.

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