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Creating and deleting new campaign by an advertiser

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

How do create, edit and delete the campaign without administrator permission?


Using this the advertiser can create , edit , delete the campaigns without the permission of the administrator.

we will provide a link Add new campaign in the advertiser login using this the advertiser can create,edit,delete campaigns.

Also the advertiser can delete all the campaigns at the same time.

The advertiser, can upload their own banners and can manage their accounts by their.

Advertiser can create, edit and delete their campaigns.

Advertiser can create, edit and delete their banners.

Advertiser can activate and deactivate their banners.

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Number Of Active Campaigns For One Zone

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

How do identify the number of banners in each campaign?. I want to show total number of banners in each campaigns in admin site.

This feature is not exist in openx. We have developed one plugin for this.
you can to identify the number of active campaigns or banners in tha admin site.
This will provide you a drop down list to select the campaign of a particular advertiser.
This will display the banners probably on your website.
you can see the number of active campaigns or banners for one particular zone.
This is very useful for the administrator, advertiser as well as the publisher.

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OpenX Distributed Statistics Setup

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

1. What is the correct way to set up scripts/maintenance/maintenance-distributed.php which runs on the ad delivery nodes? It asks for a url to be passed as a parameter. Is the URL the URL of the delivery node or the master/admin?

2. What is the correct way to set up scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php which runs on the master/admin? It asks for a url to be passed as a parameter. Is the URL the URL of the delivery node or the master/admin?

There is specific procedure which you need to follow to configure distributed statistics for OpenX otherwise you may loss your valuable statistics. If you can give your CPANEL/FTP details for all node (delivery and master) servers.

We will configure in 1 to 2 days depends upon number of delivery node servers (slave servers).

3. How do I configure OpenX to serve the banners out of the database? I would like to store the image files in the database but I do not see a way to do this in the configuration. If we store the images in the database will they be automatically replicated to the delivery nodes through MySQL replication?

è Your sentence seems ambiguous. Do you want to store image in database or file (local server)? At time of creating banner, you can choose respected options. To store in database, you can choose SQL type and To store as file in server, choose local webserver type for banner.

Suppose If you want to force OpenX to store banner in Database then we need to do small customization which will not take more than 2 hours.

Hide website names for Advertiser

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

How do disable website names for advertiser in openx?

This will provide the functionality which will hide the publisher website names in advertiser side.
By installing this mod, administrator can check the option to hide the website names for a particular advertiser.

If the hiding option is checked for an advertiser by admin, then that advertiser will not be able to see the website names by any means.
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Hide Past Inactive Campaigns in openx

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

How do hide the past inactive campaign in openx?

This feature is not exist in the openx. we have plugin for this.

This allows to hide those campaigns which are expired, (past inactive campaigns) in campaign overview page.

This will not hide campaigns which will be activated in future.

For example, if Advertiser has a campaign set to active tomorrow, and now if the Advertiser clicks on hide inactive campaigns link, it will hide all inactive campaigns from view.

It means it will hide campaigns which will be activated in future also. (And this is what most advertisers don’t want because he want to manage all current campaign and future campaigns)

So, this will help for such kind of Advertisers.

They could see all active campaigns and all future campaigns also, so that Advertiser will find it easy-to-manage active campaigns in their current view.
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Adsense revenue Sharing modification for openx

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009


I found the post in the openx forum while searching for information on adsense revenue sharing using openx.

My retirements are identical to the original post in this thread.

What are the time estimate for something like this?


I have gone through the posting. To track the Adsense Publisher Id, We can make the Publisher to update the Adsense Publisher Id while Sign up.

We can store the Id, and Can generate the invocation code with the Publisher Id. So that we can track the Publisher Id.

For creating the automated banner and Campaign creation, Instead of creating the banner and campaign by the Admin, we can provide the permission for the Advertiser to create the campaign and banner by own.

If You are requesting for the thing that we have mentioned above, It will require 4 days to implement in your Openx including testing.

Create google map and the chart and pie info based on the date option selected on the statistics page

Monday, April 13th, 2009


Can we create the google map and the chart and pie info based on the date option selected on the statistics page?


currently, the openx is not providing the Google map information based on for publisher, advertiser and zone and campaign. But, we can do this requirement and we need to custamization of the openx code.

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Call OpenX API with Publisher ID and return results in JSON format

Thursday, April 9th, 2009


Could you size the following work and let me know the effort involved in completing it please?

We need a new process that would call the OpenX API’s with a Publisher ID and return a complete inventory of the zones (zone name, zone ID) related to that Publisher in JSON format.

As this is read-only, does it require security credentials to log into to OpenX, or can it be done without secure login being invoked?


Yes, We can do this work. There are two options we have.

Option 1:

If we use OpenX API then it requires login information to get all information of zones. Implementation of functionality based on OpenX API will take 5 hours.

Option 2:

If you don’t want to use login information to get zone information then we need to implement first our API which will skip login checking and gets all zone information. Implantation of this functionality will take 10 hours.

Let me know which option do you want so we will start working on it.


Option 2 would be preferred without login. I would like to expand the requirement - in addition to the Publisher ID as input, can we also add a format indicator for the output ? Based on this value, the output data would then be either in JSON or XML format - we have a need for each type in different circumstances.

So (for example)

Input PubID, J —–> output in JSON ( Pub Id, list of all zones )

input Pub ID, X —–> output in XML (Pub ID, list of all zones)

Please provide time for this expanded requirement.


Yes, we can add format type of results as parameter with publisher ID.

Implementation of this functionality will take 2 days.

Please email to for further details and implementation help.

Max Banner Show Per Hour

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I want to display my banner for a particular number of times in a hour. How do to it?

Now, you can set the particular number of times in a hour.

Using this you can fix the particular number of times, for which your banner should be displayed in that particular hour.

This allows to limit the count of banner show per hour.

For an example, it is possible to set a campaign like this: Between 8:00 - 22:00, in every hour, show my banner to the maximum of 400 times.

Thus, this will either limit the number of displays or maximize the number of displays for your banners as you wish.

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