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Openx with Joomla

Thursday, January 14th, 2010


I would like to know if there is a place I can get a demo of your billing mod.Will this integrate with Joomla? I’m assuming that mulitiple publishers can be set up and offer inventory. And in turn the payments will be broken down and displayed for publisher payment.’m planning on buiding ad netowrks and each publisher will get a percentage of advertising revenue. Is there a way to automate the publisher payment process as an admin where I take my percentage and they take theirs?


The Billing Module at the link , will be the suitable Module for your requirement.

The Billing Module only deals with the Billing at the End of the Month and sharing the revenue for the Publishers.The Admin can set the % of Revenue for the Publisher and the Revenue will be calculated and displayed in the Publisher Login for the Publisher Reference. Admin can pay the Revenue that is displayed for the Publisher through PayPal.The Advertiser and Publisher Registration Module, with the Billing System, will get More Advantage. Let us know your Adserver Requirement or the Functional flow, so that we can provide you the custom services with the Mods.

Schedule Ads based on a specific time of day

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

QUESTION : On behalf of one of our clients we are looking for a solution to schedule Ads to start on a specific time of the day and ends at a specific time .i.e a campaign to start on February 15, 2010 at 3 PM and ends on March 15, 2010 at 6 PM.

Do you have a solution for this problem ? Could you provide some information on how such a solution would be implemented in OpenX ? Is it a plug- in or how does this work ?

ANSWER : The solution will be provided as a customised script with the readme document and not as plug-in.

We will create a custom script, some changes in the existing OPenX core files amd the Database modification to implement your requirement.

In the Campaign edit page we shall have the Advanced setting by Time link and open with a pop-up to get the Activation time.We shall modify the openx script such that it activates on the set specific time.

Advertiser Sign up and Banner Approval

Monday, January 11th, 2010

QUESTION : Can you suggest the packet that would allow :

1. advertisers register themselves automatically, enter account

2. advertisers be able to add and edit all banners themselves

3. but those banners become active ONLY after admin moderates them postfactum

ANSWER :  The “Advertiser Registration Module with All Permission” will allow the Advertiser to Create, Edit and Delete the Campaigns and Banners. Advertiser will be also able to Link the Banners to the zones.
Let us know the link details,. Do you want the Advertiser to create the campaigns also?

Regarding the Banner, he should be able to create, edit and delete the Banners. we can have a UI for the Administrator that lists all the banners that are created or edited by Advertisers. Admin can Activate , deactivate state or Reject them.

Openx to display Ads in Word press

Friday, January 1st, 2010

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I am a word-press user looking for an ad management system that can handle my servers’ CPU usage. I currently use a plug in by that apparently is not working right for my needs as host-gator has suspended my website due to excessive CPU usage.

In the hunt to find a solution, I stumbled across open X. It appears to be much more powerful than I am use to. My question is, does open X consume too many resources for a basic host-gator server? I have a reseller’s package. My site doesn’t use much bandwidth or disk space, but apparently it uses excessive amounts of CPU.

I’m not sure ,the CPU issue maybe because I add a zone in each post manually instead of hard coding it in the word press script? I have no clue. But what is important is 300×300 banners in post.


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Open X is best option to server ads in your site. Open X won’t load your server as it has all delivery of banners in optimized way. In short, it will give you more functionality in less server use.

I have gone through your site. There are many images in homepage and ads which takes much load.

We can help you by installing Open X for your site which has number of other advantages like you can link banners to zone from UI. You can call advertiser to display ads in your site and they can see their statistics.

Also, let us know if you need any support in Word press as well.