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Adbrite clone using OpenX !!

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Hello, I want to make Adbrite clone (having functionality same as adbrite). Is it possible to make it from OpenX?

I want mainly below functionality.

1) Advertiser Functionality

  • Advertiser can bid on zone on selected zone.
  • Full page ads, inline ads

2)Publisher Functionality

  • Publisher can create zone, set color, type of zone
  • Default banner with min eCPM

3) Site Directory

4) Referral System


  • Yes, adbrite has number of unique functionality like inline ads, full page ads. Currently OpenX is not supporting this by default but we can customize OpenX and can implement this functionality.
  • If you want to make site like adbrite then we cant use OpenX default template/UI as both has many differences so we need to make new UI having adbrite functionality using OpenX as backend.
  • We can make new advertiser signup, creating banner, Publisher Signup, creating zone, statistics for adv/pub, payment system for adv/pub.
  • Also, we can have site directory and referral system.

Let us know if you are interested to make clone of adbrite. Send your requirement to or now.