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Advanced Campaign Delivery Report

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I have been using OpenX for sometime and I like the service. I’d like to have a better understanding of the campaign reporting tool as I think it could be a valuable report:

1) What does this column represent: “Overall +/-” I often will see a number like “967.91%” What does that tell us?

2) What does this column represent: “Current +/-” I often see a number like: “-1,216.00%” What does that mean? Is is good or bad?


Current + /-

tells that your campaign delivery is working fine with represented percentage.If it is in negative sign your campaign performence has been degraded in current time only when you are opening.

Example Code

/ The number of impressions that are predicted to happen “today” is the number of impressions delivered so

// far today, multiplied by the total number of impressions delivered yesterday divided by how many of those

// impressions had been delivered so far at the same point in time yesterday

$predictedImpressionsToday = $todaysImpressions * ($yesterdaysImpressions / $yesterdaysImpressionsToSameHourAsNow);

// At this predicted daily rate of delivery, the total impressions that will be delivered is this number

// of impressions multiplied by the days remaining for the campaign, plus how many impressions have been

// delivered before today

$predictedTotalImpressions = ($predictedImpressionsToday * $remainingDays) + $campaignImpressionsToLastNight;

// Calculate and return the percentage difference

$percentDiff = (($predictedTotalImpressions / $desiredImpressions) - 1) * 100;.

Overall +/-

tells the Overall performence of your campaign as above.

Example Code

// The expected campaign delivery percentage is the number of days the campaign has been

// running divided by the total campaign lifetime, assuming even daily delivery

$expectedPercentDelivered = ($runningDays / $campaignDays) * 100;

// The actual campaign delivery percentage is the number of impressions delivered

// divided by the number of impressions booked

$actualPercentDelivered = ($actualImpressions / $desiredImpressions) * 100;

// Calculate and return the percentage difference

$percentDiff = $actualPercentDelivered - $expectedPercentDelivered;

return $percentDiff;

New Billing System

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


How can I go about getting a quote for an openx modification for a new billing system?


We have Few types of Billing Modules as products,

Billing Module -

Billing Module -

Billing module with different price for each banner -

Billing System Integration with paypal -

Billing System Integration (with Publisher payment UI) -

Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (PayPal) - …(PayPal)/prod_1389.html

These all are billing systems which can perform billing services as better.

Bulk Database

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I have some issues with the database, its just growing and I have looked in admin for anyways of clearing logs etc

Here’s the 4 biggest, is it safe to empty any of these ?

ox_data_intermediate_ad 280K records

ox_data_raw_ad_impression 60K records

ox_data_summary_ad_hourly 280K records

ox_data_summary_zone_impression_history 80K records


Yes,You can delete the records from the ox_data_summary_ad_hourly and ox_data_summary_zone_impression_history.but you will lose the statistics of the banners campaigns…If you don’t want to have the statistics then you can delete otherwise you need to keep as it is.

ox_data_raw_ad_impression and ox_data_intermediate_ad are the temporarily tables which keeps the records of the impressions and banner information keeps the five days of record.After that those records will move to the ox_data_summery_ad_hourly table.

Please you just check those data has been move to the above mentioned table with the help of the date and time then you can delete it from those tables if it has been moved.


Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I am a new in the openX and i want to know about the statistics related to the banner after how much time they update after clicking the banner and can i update it as soon as possible. I will be very thankful for your help


Statistics will maintain by maintenance scripts only.

You can change maintenance operation interval time from admin side. Login as admin and click on “configuration” menu tab and then Click on “Maintenance Setting” option tab, there you can select maintenance operation interval time.

Even if you change maintenance operation interval time, the statistics will shown for every one hour only. So after you made clicks and impression on banners , you can see on statistics page after one hour only.

Method for Targeting Banners

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I have been digging around to try and find a method for targeting banners at pages with matching keywords (either in urls, page content or meta content).

Is there a way of doing this? Any tutorials, demo’s etc anyone can point me in the direction of ?


We have the module for target users based on keywords in web pages that is “Contextual targeting”.

Usually the meta keyword will contains all the related keywords related to the site. Banner is targeting to the web page based on the targeting segments which is present on the ″META Keywords″ tag.

From this module you can easily target your user based on content of the web pages.

For More details Please visit the following link:

Linking Zone for Campaign

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I’m trying to create a new zone for an campaign. I’ve followed the openx video but get stuck on the part where it talks about copying the inventory into the web site html as I don’t seem to get the page to allow me to do that?
Anyone help?


We can’t create zone for particular campaign. We can link that campaign to that zone easily.

First you  need to create website , Under that website  you can create number of zones. from this you can link your  particular campaign to zones.

To create zone, follow this,

Just login as admin and switch to default manager account, In that click on the “Inventory” menu tab , Then click on “Website ” option tab.

After the creation of Website , in that page itself there is one option available “Add New Zone”, just click on that you can create number of zones.

After creation of the zone, in that page itself there is one option available “linked banners”, just click on that you can redirect another page, In there you need to select “link banners from parent campaign”. Then under that you can select advertiser and campaign to link for that zone.

Does Google map for Statistics go down to state and city level?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


Do you have an online demo or video of this?

Does Google map for Statistics go down to state and city level?


The basic functionality of the Google map for Statistics will work with the Country Database, where we have to have Maxmind country database enabled and installed. We can extend the functionality down to state and city level and for that we have to install the Maxmind City Lite database in openx. The out put of the Google Map will souly depends on the installed DB and there will be 5% variation in the data in the display in the google Map and the Openx Statistics due to several factors.

Interaction Time in Rich Media Ad

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


I would like to know what technique do you use to generate the minutes spent on a rich media ad?

Does the interaction time start once the rich media ad is loaded or does the interaction time start once a mouseover is done on the rich media ad?


The interaction time is duration of  communication between User and the Advertisement banner. It can be calculated by various mouse operations like Mouse move and Click on banner. In Openx, The interaction time is calculated as the average time between banner displayed in page and banner has clicked by user.

Customization in Banner Size Restriction

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010



I noticed that advertisers account allows them to change banner size. But I don’t want to allow this… Is it possible?
The zone attached to its campaign must be able to display 728*90 and 468*60 banners, so I have to setup “custom” in its size field. and then the advertiser can upload 1000*1000 banner if he wants…


Yes,you can set the restrictions to the advertiser that he/she cannot change the banner size.But there is no predefined functionality is available.

We can do the customization work easily , so we can do this kind of new functionality effectively and quickly .


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


Whith OpenX 2.8.1, i have no problems, but when i upgrade to OX 2.8.2 and 2.8.4, the statistics page is blanck

I just have the statistics before the updates

Have a solution for me ?


We provide upgradation services  to latest version, through

If you completely Rollback your older openx-2.8.1 without any issue means we can easily upgrade it to latest version without any kind of issues.

We require only your FTP details and your database details for upgrade to latest version for you.