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Developing a plugin for OpenX

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


I was browsing through Plugins documentation, it is really hard to understand how or where to start to develop a plugin. Is there anyone who have already developped plugins & got sucess for OpenX platform?


Yes it is difficult to find any tutorials or any docs for plug-in development since OpenX didn’t released it. But not to worry about it, we can help you to find better solution. We have experience in developing plug-in for OpenX and have developed several plug-ins for our clients & can assure you quality solution.

Recently we have developed a one of our major plug-in for client Knewco. It’s called KnewcoKnowNow plug-in for OpenX users. It is a custom plugin for OpenX will allow users to opt-in to the KnowNow! service and have the KnowNow! code delivered along with ads on selected websites. The plug-in is compatible with openx version 2.8. This plug-in is implemented with upgrade feature & also data backup-restore feature when the plug-in is uninstalled. You can download the plug-in at our client site,


Friday, May 28th, 2010


1,The ads are displaying randomly In the publisher website. So unwanted ads are displaying in the publisher website. This is the loss for the advertiser. How do we solve it?.

2.I  heard some targeting techniques which targets the  users according to some criteria like country, ip address of the system. Is there any other targeting for advertiser to spend his/her money usefully.

3.The main thing is I need to target the audience who have been visited already my ads.


1.Yes the Random ads displaying will make the advertiser’s money waste. So we have a targeting technique called re-targeting for the past visited users.

2.It will display the same advertiser ad to his past visited user when he/she came to visit once again. So there is more probability to user buy the product if we are targeting those users again and again.

(example) If a person has visited one advertiser web page and he has clicked a ad and he left it because of some other reason. It tells us that he is having interest on that particular ad. So we need to display the same ad once he comes for the same website again, then there might be more chance to user buy that product or different product of the same advertiser.