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In-image ads for OpenX

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


I would like to get ads inside images. I use OpenX for adserving. Would it be possible for you to setup inimage adverstisement for OpenX


Yes, it is definitely possible to provide your required option of in-image ads for you. Please send detailed information to and we could able to provide you with a time estimate and get the feature for you.

OpenX Security Update 2.8.7

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

OpenX Security Update

Security is an important priority at OpenX and we’re constantly working to provide security patches and bug fixes as soon as we become aware of any potential issue. As these issues are discovered, we validate, patch and release as quickly as we can. But it’s important to understand that avoiding potential security issues also requires server administrators to be vigilant and upgrade their systems to new, patched versions as soon as they become available.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a vulnerability in the 2.8 downloadable version of OpenX that can result in a server running the downloaded version of OpenX being compromised. We have already closed this vulnerability with the latest version of our software. To avoid this issue, we recommend that all users immediately upgrade their systems to 2.8.7

OpenX also provides both free and Enterprise hosted versions of the ad server. Both of these products are managed and operated by the OpenX team, including upgrades, maintenance, and security scans, freeing you and your team from handling such issues. If ad serving is mission-critical to your business, we suggest contacting our team to learn more about your OpenX needs.

For any custom help, you can contact . can help you out to get the security issue fixes and it is tested perfectly and also installed.

OpenX Targeting with HTTP Headers

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


We are looking at using OpenX as an ad-server, and were interested

in getting professional services help to do some custom development

to our specifications.

We are looking to target ads based on a special HTTP Header on incoming ad-requests to our servers.
the HTTP Header provides a key to a “user profile database”, which we want to lookup and deliver ads based on user profiles.


The functionality of targeting ads the users based on the HTTP Header can be implemented.

Provide us the what type of data that you will passing through the HTTP Header and based on the same we can create the UI for the banners to set the option to set the parameter.

OpenX and JW Player

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


I am looking for someone who can help me with some basic configuration issues re: serving pre/post-roll video ads and text and graphic overlay ads from an Openx server to play within a JW player.
I have the banner ads working and I can run the pre/post/overlay examples from my webserver. Now I just need to access the ads I upload on my community-hosted Openx adserver. Is this something you are able to do, and do you have the time available?

We can work on the openx installed in your server, but It cannot be done on the community-hosted Openx Adserver.
Let us know if you need any custom changes or the services to the installed openx version.

OpenX integration with Elgg Social Network

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


i need to install all avilable plugins of openx and integrate with user profile of elgg social network i am running, to amke user same in google or any other system use on id to manage there adds accounts, and if it is possible to integrate with user site visitor tracking open source code also ( hosted solution in my site), so it will be more ceo firendly software!!


è We can create the account for the elgg Users in the openx and they can login to the Openx with the same User name and Password.

When the User registers with the Elgg the account can be created in the openx also. For the Existing Users we can create manually.

We can Create the User account for the openx from Elgg and also we can make such that the login in the Elgg can be synchronized with the login to the Openx and the User does not need to login to the Openx Again.

We can integrate the login functionality of the openx and Elgg and create the User account with the Advertiser and Publisher Role linked to the same User.

With the Single User login he can manage his Advertiser and Publisher accounts.

For more queries, contact our support team and we can provide you solutions with our consulting services.

OpenX zones for multiple sites

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Question for

We have installed OpenX on our server. We have a network of 200 websites, and we want to put commercials on these sites. Each site has about 40 zones that are similar in every website. We are wondering, what is the best way to define OpenX. It does not make sense for us to define 40 zones per each of our 200 websites. Is there a shorter way and can you help us with it. Answer:

We can import and give you all the Zones to the all Websites, in the case if the Each website share same Zone.

Or we can create and provide you the script that can be defined with the Zone details and where you can import that for every new Website.

OpenX Retargeting Plugin Questions & Doubts

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


Question regarding your retargeting plugin– I found your website through google, very interested in your plugin. Can you tell me how scalable this retargeting plugin is? We are serving more than 10 M impression per day, not sure whether your plugin able to handle that?


The plug-in will target the ads based on the data stored in the variables and It will increase only about less than 1% load to the server.

So If your server runs with the prominent speed, you can install the Re-targeting module to your openx.

We can assist you in installing the Plug-in in you openx.