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OpenX affiliate plugin

Saturday, March 19th, 2011


What we need is a module where affiliates (publishers) can sign up and choose what advertisers banner they want to run on their site and copy the code and place in their respective ad zones. We would also like some type of tracking system where we can track the performance and bill the advertisers for sales generated and pay the affiliates accordingly.


We understand that you need your Affiliates(Publishers) to Register for the ads. You will verify the Publisher data and once you approve, the advertisers can login and get the ad tag to display the ads in their Website. Here the Sign up page can be created for the affiliate and the Affiliate can register and create the Zones. The zones will wait for the approval from Admin and once on approval, the Publisher will get the option to get the Invocation code for the Zone to display in his Website.

We can get this implemented it within 2 to 3 days

Scroll ads in OpenX

Saturday, March 19th, 2011


I installed OpenX today and searched the web for a plugin that will scroll through banners in a manner similar to the scrolling display on your web page ( , located below the price and above “Tell a friend”. Does your plugin do that? If so, will it scroll vertically? In an iFrame?


The one that is displayed in the web site is the list of our clients and the N banner rotation mod will deliver one banner at a time and it will display other after some time. Please check the description for the same.

But, we can implement the scrolling ads as we have displayed the Client names in our site.

This type of Ad can be done with the special type of invocation code and we can get this done to deliver the ads in the bottom of the page screen (scrolls in horizontal),  in the left side of the screen or the right side of the screen to scroll vertically. Or if you need this scroll to added to any part of the page and we can implement the same for you with each position as option to select. Also the impression for the Ads that are rotated here will calculated only once.

Socialengine integration with OpenX

Saturday, March 19th, 2011
I am wanting to integrate Openx with Socialengine.
What I want to do is enable socialengine user to create a advertiser or publisher account using their socialengine login details from within their socialengine account.
Would you be able to create a mod for this?

Yes, we can do this integration and can get you creating advertisers and publisher account using login details of socialengine account. We can do this as a customization and for more details get in touch with us over for more detailed conversation.

New IAB Ad Unit - Rising Stars for OpenX

Saturday, March 19th, 2011


I would like to implement this new IAB Ad units for OpenX? Would you be able to help us out.

a) New IAB Ad Unit - Sidekick ad format for OpenX. Expandable format that launches from IAB standard ad, pushing page content leftward, revealing large, functional canvas.

b) New IAB Ad Unit - Billboard ad format for OpenX. Large billboard running the full width of the page with full close-ability.

c) New IAB Ad Unit - Pushdown ad format for OpenX. A pushdown unit with broad functionality via visual toolbar.

d) New IAB Ad Unit - Filmstrip ad format for OpenX.

e) New IAB Ad Unit - Slider ad format for OpenX. Overlay unit on the bottom of a page mirrors touch screen habit, prompting users to slide the entire page over, unveiling a full branded experience.

f) New IAB Ad Unit - Portrait ad format for OpenX. 300×1050 canvas format with state-of-the-art plug and play functionality.


Yes, we would be able to implement any ad formats you are looking forward for. We can also get relevant options done in the backend and with ad editor as well. For more information, please email us with few more details and let us communicate more over email

OpenX slider ads mod is available at

OpenX Filmstrip ads mod is available at

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