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Widget Ads for OpenX - Introduction of New Product

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

The Widget Ad Format displays in the center page of website page at bottom of the screen. Whenever user stays idle on the web pages this widget ads will be appear and provide more attraction to the user.

This is an effective way for advertisers to share their brand to users.

The widget ad provides premium placement on publisher websites and guarantees impression in a prominent location.

The Widget ad is more effective since it maintains its position in the browser window as the visitor scrolls down the page.

As it appears as the layer over the page, it will not use any area of the Website and this provides additional revenue to the publishers.

Key features of Slider Ads are,

* Can serve IAB Standard Sizes and any custom Sizes as well.
* Common Ad formats of Openx like (gig, png, jpg and swf) can be served as a Widget Ads.
* The New type of Invocation tag will be provided to the Publisher to server this special Ad.

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