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Direct Links in OpenX

Thursday, January 5th, 2012


I want to implement direct links in my platform. Direct links is when

I give the publisher a direct link of a certain campaign, let’s say
for example, I can give the pulisher a direct link of Goal United, the
publisher will offer the game on his site, and when users click to
play the game, my landing page will appear for the user to register,
taking into account that my platform will record the conversions.
If you go to this publisher site and click on the Dark Orbit game,click to play the game,watch that the web address search bar says CPM star and then directyou to the landing page of the game provided by CPM star (ad network). This is a direct link where the publisher provides a game to play through an ad network.

Please let me know how and if you will be able to implement this. Thank you


== We will generate a single link to track the clicks and conversions by using your OpenX .If you have already placed this link into your <a> tag “paramater href” with your destination url then this will automatically track links and conversions. This tracking is hidden from users.

We can get this implemented this as a customized requirement.