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Problems on uploading third party pixels

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


We would like to cooperate with other Ad Networks from Poland and other country. We have problem because they need implement pixel tags in client landing page but we don’t won’t do this.   We tried this solutions but they works only sometimes.

We would like have solutions to upload third-party pixels


– You don’t need to create pixel tag[Tracker code] for the other adnetwork tag used on your adserver. If you are serving other adnetwork tag on your server then while click on the banners it will redirect to corresponding client website and in that place If their adnetwork pixel tag[Tracker code] and then conversion will be stored on their adnetwork database tables.

For example :         When we are running openx adserver here and you have provided the “Invocation Code Tag” of your adnetwork tag. From this tag we will create the HTML ads and deliver the ads on web pages. When user clicks on ads first it will call our adnetwork to log the clicks and then it will call your adnetwork at next then log clicks and redirect to the client website. Here you have to place the tracker code for the corresponding advertisers.

– So from where you got tag to deliver ads from your adserver, they need to generate pixel tag[Tracker code]and place on their client site to track the conversion on their adnetwork.
– While setting Tracker, you have to consider the following steps :
1. After creation of the Tracker have to Link that tracker with campaigns on “Linked Campaigns” tab.
2. Need to set conversion window time for the clicks and impressions on campaign “Linked Trackers” tab.

– If you need any help to create pixel tag then we can help you on this.