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Site Skin Ads format for OpenX

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A new format which has been highly successful for many agencies in the recent times.

This has helped many publishers gain higher CTR for this particular placement of the ads.

It is one of the most important feature that any OpenX based adserver or an adnetwork would require.

Site Skin ads appears like  as given in this demo link.

The left and right margin unused space of any sites can be easily monetized with a feature like this and that has resulted in huge success for this product in recent times.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

OpenX upgrades to 2.8.9

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

OpenX advances to 2.8.9

Important security issues which were all reported in past few months are completely fixed in the latest version of OpenX 2.8.9 and it is well tested and it is stable.

For mod purchases made already with, you can avail a request for new version of mods by sending an email to

If you would also require an installation or up gradation help for the latest version, our experts could provide you ensuring no loss of data or downtime for the same.

If you wish to upgrade directly by yourselves, follow these steps.

All users should upgrade to this version and perform a security audit to help ensure they keep their system secure.

Before upgrading:

  • Check for any rogue admin users (http://<your_admin_domain>/www/admin/admin-access.php).
  • You can also check for any recently changed files, if you have shell access, you can use the “find” command to look for any files modified recently
    • e.g. “find /path/to/openx/www /path/to/openx/plugins -mtime -7″ will find any files in those folders which were modified within the last 7 days.
  • If you find any unexpected files recently modified (especially .php files) remove them before performing the upgrade.

To upgrade your system:

  • Downloaded OpenX Source 2.8.9 from here
  • Follow the upgrade guide to upgrade your system.
  • Once you have upgraded, you can remove write access to your config files (/path/to/openx/var/*.conf.php), to help keep your system secure.