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contextual targeting

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


I was wondering if this would be the right plugin “Contextual targeting” and suitable module for my purpose.

I have a video sharing website and it has specific categories. I want to have banner ads unique/relevant on the specific video page (468×60 or 300×250).

For example: If the user is watching a video on plumbing and is on the video page, I would like the ad (let’s say 300×250, or 468×60), on the video the user is watching, to show the relevant ad based on what this person is watching. In short, Plumbing video = plumbing ad, if it’s a football video = sporting goods ad. I have about 10 different categories and within each video would like to have different types of ads within the view of the video pages based on it’s relevancy.

Would this be the correct plugin, or do you offer something else that will be better?

Wasn’t contextual targeting originally a default feature in openx?


Contextual targeting module will help the advertiser to display the ads only to the pages which is relevant to their ads.

The sites are targeted using meta keywords and we use such efficient meta keywords to target the ads.

Banner will be display according to the meta keyword matched.

This module will check the meta keywords of the page and delivery the relevant banner to the page. For eg: you category word should be found in your site ( sports,games, etc..).

If we have the meta keyword as “sports” means in that page it display the ad relevant to sports.

Contextual targeting is the cusomized plugin to delivery the banner which match the keyword of the site and it is not a default openx functionality.

URL Report of Ads

Monday, August 20th, 2012


I need see by publisher tag where they are promoting the tags not advertiser banners.


Right now we have the product as “URL Report of Ads” in openxmods .

Functionality of URL Report of Ads is you can able to see the referral traffic from which URL  for each banner.

If you need the any customization on this mod,we will do it for publisher as “URL Report for publisher”.


In Statistics page you will find the “URL Report for publisher” link for each banners. On clicking the link it will display the URL report of the ads in grey box.

This Mod will help the Advertisers to have a record of the URL’s where their Ads are displayed. The Advertisers can have the basic analysis like in which URL he gets more impressions, whether the ads are displayed in the relevant sites, etc.,

mJAX Mobile Ad network - Question

Monday, August 20th, 2012


I was able to give a quick demo of these plugin to our internal team & shared the login details with them, for now I have few questions:

1. Mobile Targeting

  • We assume the backed Ad Selection algorithm is wired up to find ‘best matching’ Ad based on mobile targeting set by the Advertiser
  • Can Geographical Location targeting be extended for Metros or specific lat-long values?
  • Assume, we could define versions of the mobile OS for targeting (ex: iOS 3.1)

2. Is RTB plugin part of this installation or that is a separate plugin?

3. If we integrate with OpenX Market, would the Mobile Ads campaigns created using Mobile plugin be able to participate in RTB & be rendered through other networks? and vice-versa

Yes, I’m part of Idealab group of companies.


We have targeting ad by Os, manufacture, capability, location, Geo operator, model and demographics ( Gender and age) and not using backend Ad Selection algorithm.

We have specified the geographical location by using country code only not by lat-long values.

Right now we are targeting only for OS if you need to target by OS version means then we can do as a customisation work.

Yes, we have this as a separate plugin and  we can implement on this.

Yes, Our package mobile plugin will able to do RTB and support the other netwok.

If your need any changes or modification on this plugin then we can do the features as a customisation work.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Mobile HTML banner

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Currently package contains features to deliver mobile image ads, mobile text ads and table ads. HTML banner types have to add to the system. So following steps need to consider to do this features :

1. Create new banner type as “HTML”
2. Create new zone type as “HTML”
3. Linking only these types together
4. Delivery section.


Note: Mobile HTML banner width & Height should be given by advertiser. If exceed the banner limits that banner will not be deliver in some OS. so we have to mention the standard banner sizes.

1. To add the banner as “Mobile HTMl banner” with Fields like as Banner name,Banner content ,Width, height.URL  with validation in Advertiser Section & Admin section.

2. To add the zone as “Mobile HTMl zone with Fields like as Zone name,Width, height. in Publisher Section & Admin section.

3. To link the banner with  matching the banner  sizes &  banner type in advertiser ,Publisher,Admin section.

4. We have to create the invocation in Publisher section & Admin section in UI panel.

Game Box - New Adformat

Monday, August 20th, 2012


  • Can serve IAB Standard Sizes and any custom Sizes as well.
  • Common Ad formats of Openx like (gif, png, jpg and swf) can be served as a GameBox Ads.
  • The New type of Invocation tag will be provided to the Publisher to server this special Ad.
  • The synergy of advertising and content.
  • Customized to match your site’s design.
  • Customizeable size, horizontal or vertical.
  • Revenue in addition to networks & sales.
  • Small size, excellent eCPM.
  • Positive user experience.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Supporter Banner Ad - New Ad format

Monday, August 20th, 2012


I would like to serve this widget as inpage format like standart place 240*400 on the site, does it possible? Or only pop-up window?
you can see an example on the right column


We have completed mention above features as a customized plugin with features as

*  Our supporter banner ad unit helps advertiser to display multiple banners at a time.
*  The zoom-out effect triggered upon mouse-out action,allowing image to get back to its original position.
*  Upon user’s mouse hover action,zoom in effect gets triggered which allows enlarged view of an image.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page

Monday, August 20th, 2012


It is possible to have a rotation without reloading page with the same banner ? (all X seconds for example)

Can I choose the time before reloading the banner ?

If I have two banners for the same area, can I choose the time before reloading ?

Where can I change the rotation’s time ? Can I change it for each banners ?

If I have two flash banners (with different running time) in the same zone : the second appear just after the time of the first banner ? So the rotation time will depend automatically of the flash batter time or it depend of the default time of roration ?


Right now we have this features as one plugin called  “N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page”.

when we generating the ‘invocation code’ we have option -> select the ‘n banner Tag’  under  the Tag settings we have the field as ‘Refresh after’ here we have to  mention the time in seconds,  banners automatically rotate based on this second.

For All banners, rotates automatically depends upon the default time (rotation time mentioned in field ‘refresh after’ option) not considering the flash banner time.

It will delivery the banner random only.

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Contextual Targeting plugin

Sunday, August 19th, 2012


I am interested in Contextual Targeting plugin.

I want to make sure that it will work as desired. Can you explaing in detail how the Meta keywords from the site are indetified and compared with targeting keywords?

Do I need to add those Meta Keywords to the Invocation Codes for publisher?

Are Meta Keywords detected automatically from any website? Even if using iFrame tags?

Please let me know asap.


In Administrator section:-  Administrator can able to add the keywords to target

While creating the banner the Advertiser can select the keyword . You can assign more than one keyword to the banner

Link the banners which are matched with the zones.

Copy the Invocation code for ‘Javascript Tag’. Paste the invocation where ever you want.

While displaying the banners, the invocation code will check webpage Meta keyword, whether any of the Meta keyword matches with the keywords of the banner. If the banner keyword matches with the meta keyword then only the banner will be displayed.

No need to add the meta keyword to invocation code for publisher.

We have this option in iframe tag also.

Herewith we have mention the Demo URL for your reference,

In this we mention the word as Travel in admin section so the relevant ad is delivering in this.

Intromercial overlay Ad format

Friday, August 10th, 2012


Even without lightbox, this ad should be over the whole screen, as per your plugin description:
“his will enable you to make an Ad , which will display on the whole screen of the user  while loading the site, and as so user will be noticing your advertisement .   “

But my ad is no different from the ad I could do without the plugin.

I would like to create full screen (any screen size, without having to put the width and height) – interstitial ads. I would like to eventually be able to serve richmedia and video into such full screen interstitial ad.


The mode Overlay Ad helps you to accomplish this . This will enable you to make an Ad , which will display on the whole screen of the user  while loading the site, and as so user will be noticing your advertisement .

The overlay  Ad will be disappearing after a short span of time , You can set this time .

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Frequency Capping

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Do you want to block unnecessary impressions made by a user,which results in un-fair payment?

Frequency Capping Mod will helps you to overcome this problem.

This mod allows you to set time limit and number of times a user can able to make impression on same banner.

If impressions made by a user surpasses the specified number within specified time period,then openx will not log further impressions.

Openx will continues to log impressions only after the specified time limit is met.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.