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mJAX mobile ads plugin

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


I am finding a solution for mobile advertising, your plugin seems to be fine. So I would like to see the live demo, how it works. Plus, do you have any support, maintenance policy for your customer? How will you implement the customer support service for an oversea customer like us (we are in Vietnam)?
I’m setting consumer targeting by Mobile OS and getting trouble. The thing is I limit the OS is valid for Android and Symbian but the banner is still display on Iphone devices.

Furthermore, how can I set targeting for a banner? I would like to do some basic targeting like that: limit by mobile OS, limit by mobile telecom provider, limit by location/GPS, limit by mobile manufacturer.

What I will expect for the plugin is:

  • Capability to display banners on mobile device including flash banners on non-iOS devices, capability to display rich media banner (using html5) on iOS devices.
  • Capability to display banners on target consumer (by phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name, target by GPS).


If you want to target by GPS then we have to do as customization work only.

Select the option “Handset - Manufacture” and here you can set the targeting for Mobile Manufacture.

We have the feature to display Flash banners (.flv) on mobile device and for Rich media banner (using Html 5) we have to do this as customised work.

For Rich media we have this feature as addon for mJAX mobile ads plugin

Our plugin will delivery the banners on  phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name.

For targeting by GPS,we need to check the feasibility and will provide this as a customised work.

If you need any other advanced feature to be add on this plugin means we will provide this as customised work to full-fill the package.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin with addon as per requirement mention

New Billing System

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


How can I go about getting a quote for an openx modification for a new billing system?


We have Few types of Billing Modules as products,

Billing Module -

Billing Module -

Billing module with different price for each banner -

Billing System Integration with paypal -

Billing System Integration (with Publisher payment UI) -

Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (PayPal) - …(PayPal)/prod_1389.html

These all are billing systems which can perform billing services as better.

creating a profit ad network niche

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I want to use OpenX to create a non-profit ad network in a niche that is charitable in nature. Every site apart of the network would be both advertiser and publisher and it is free to sign up. All sites would add the ad tags and be essentially promoting each other. I am new to this, so there may be a better way to devise this. If so, please make suggestions. I am open to the idea of creating a for profit ad network orientated around the same niche, similar to that of Yahoo and Google ad networks, but not nearly as complex. How much more would this option entail?

I am not sure which product on would be sufficient for what I have described? Can you help me choose which products suits my needs and then figure out if I need any customization?


The adserver which is using openx needs to have the following basic mods.

Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal
Billing System Integration with paypal
Password reminder mod
Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks
Flv Banner for OpenX
Adding Site Name To Ad

The best available package for the same is

Inviting advertisers and affiliate marketing

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Question :

once I have built up a history of traffic…via adsense… I can invite advertisers to my sites??? As well what about affilate marketing??


Once, you got thousands of sites or blogs and you are getting thousands of clicks daily then you can invite advertisers to advertiser in your sites and you can set your own pricing for that.

(I am not sure how you want to use affiliate marketing program (pay per conversion) because affiliate marketing program mostly used by ecommerce sites.)

OpenX has number of functionality and I am sure it will help you to control your advertisements. We can add number of mods to OpenX which will give more functionality to you (as admin) and your advertisers.

Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (

Monday, August 17th, 2009

We provide one plugin for “Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (”.

This plugin will integrate a billing system with which will allow advertisers to purchase clicks and impressions for their campaigns.

Administrator can set the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per click (CPC).

Advertiser will be getting an interface where he can set the clicks and impressions that he wants to purchase for his campaign. The Billing amount will be displayed with a Pay Now button. On clicking that button advertiser will be redirected to to pay the bill.
After purchasing, advertiser’s campaign will be added by purchased clicks or impressions.
Administrator will get an interface, where he can see all the payment history of advertisers.

for more details:

How to counts the all unique impressions in the advertiser side

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


How to counts the all unique impressions in the advertiser side?


we can do the customize for this requirement.

This is very useful for both the administrator and the advertiser because, it helps to find out the number of unique users who have seen their banners and number of unique users who have clicked on each banner.

This is perfect for who has less traffic towards his site or for personal site.

The statistics section of this mod will show three more information in addition to the existing information, they are,
Unique clicks
Unique CTR

This is only for advertiser side, the values will have some variation from time to time which include the current hour and for all other cases it works fine.If you have more traffic to your application (Openx) then use our
Advanced Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks mod.
For more details:

Generate clickthrough add revenues in Openx

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


I am looking to produce many sites in order to generate clickthrough add revenues such as adsense… I have researched many domainers/bloggers..but a very beginner..I built 20 sites in blogger in a day..looking for a more efficient way or quicker well as to make numerous non-english sites and looking to generate ad revenue… I have read of several that have 10-300 thousand sites in this nature..this is what I am attempting to do..


It’s possible to earn money by purchasing thousand sites and displaying banners (advertisements).

Those sites can be blogs sites, discussion forums, social community sites etc..,

We certain set of strategies to bring traffics to all your sites (SEO) from that you will get more no of clicks and impressions and so revenue also

But to maintain all your sites’ banners, we need to have a adserver i.e. openx (which take control of your advertisements)

Initially, we can use google adsense advertisements. Once you get good traffics to all your sites, you can invite advertisers to advertise in your site
directly without any third party advertise medium (like google adsense). Also, you can display your house campaigns and many more using openx.

Openx advertising based on time instead of CPM

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


I have a question about Billing System Integration mods for Open X. I believe it will meet our needs, except we sell advertising based on time (week, month, year, etc.) instead of CPM or clicks. Is it possible to sell advertising based on time rather than CPM or clicks with one of them?


Yes, it is possible to implement system which will sell ad-space in time frame instead of CPC or CPM.

You can make below system using OpenX API.

1) Admin can set cost for week, month, and year wise.
2) Advertiser will have new tab “My Account” where he can purchase ad space (zone) on time base for each his campaigns. Suppose, he buys ad space (zone) for month then mod will set expiration date of his campaigns after 30 days or it will add 30 days to existing expiration date.

OpenX for Banner Exchange Network

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

OpenX can be used to make banner-exchange network where users can earn or buy impressions or clicks.

There will be three type of users in ad-network.

1) Users (as Publisher and Advertiser) who can show his free banners in other network sites by displaying network banner in his own sites. (ratio will be 6:5 for impressions and 5:4 for clicks). He will get free advertisement and he will not pay to site for anything.

2) User (as Publisher) who doesn’t want to display his banners in other network site but he can earn impressions by displaying network banner on his site. Then he can sell earned impressions/clicks to admin(you) and you will pay him by paypal once you will confirm with valid impressions and clicks.

3) User (as Advertiser) who wants to display his banner to network sites but he doesn’t has enough web-space to show network banner( on his site) then he can purchase impressions/clicks from admin (you). He will pay by paypal to you and he will get impressions and clicks in his account and his banners will be displayed in network sites for same.

All users will have same control panel(after successfully signup and logged into site) where he can upload his banners and he can get banner-code which he can placed to his site. There will be one statistics page where he can see all statistics of his earned or sold/purchased impressions/clicks.

As admin, you will have control panel where you can control all configuration like ratio settings, banner approval, user management, payment section.