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Native Ads – An update from dJAX Adserver

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Native ads have customized branding messages which appear in their natural form as that of the regular feeds of the website such as a twitter tweets, a facebook post, a search engine listing, an editorial story etc. Native ads have always been for advertisers in reaching their targeted audience without really being intrusive.
The native ads can be served as one of the following:

  • Instream ads
  • Activity-triggered ads
  • Branded content
  • Mobile Only ads

Third party tracker for publisher

Friday, April 26th, 2013


I need the third party tracker to be fired/ executed while our image tracker is executing.

The scenario is Advertiser will provide him the tracker and client would be placing the tracker with linking to the image tracker that we generate from the openx.

The advertiser will be seeing only our tracker and not the third party tracker he provided, but he should get the conversion in the thirdparty server as well.


We have the plugin as Third party tracker for publisher, which will suitable for your requirement.

Publisher who wants to track the conversion on their own, can go ahead with our mod which enables publisher to seamlessly track the conversion

Our mod only requires tracker code from the publisher end,rest will be handled by our third party tracker system.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin as per requirement mention.

URL Encode Module for Openx

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


I need the invocation code with encrypted type ( i.e URL should be encrypeted ) to delviery the ads in publisher site and when user click the banner in the publisher zone it  shows the banner id , zone id , destination URL to be open to all and it’s not security. It may create security vulnurabilities such as direct ad request, fake clicks.


We have the plugin “URL Encode Module for Openx“, in this url parameter should be encoded for security purpose. After installing this module end user or publisher can’t see the parameters. Publishers can try to improve the clicks or impressions using Inventory parameters and using this mod, those kind of problems will be avoided.
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Customized Category for openx - New Plugin

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Have you ever heard of customizing default openx category ? Well the answer is Yes, with our customized category for openx anyone can change category list provided by openx.

It does not require any additional work, Customizing category helps to create a whole new category list.

With our Customizing category for openx mod, anyone can include the category as they desire which helps to target the banner to wider category.

With our mod, Anyone can edit or delete default openx category list according to their wish.

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Publishers UI Status - New Plugin

Monday, December 17th, 2012

By this mod you can deactivate an Publishers UI easily.

Admin can able to activate the deactivated publishers.

Admin can able to deactivate or activate all publishers or particularly selected publisher.

When activate or deactivate the publishers alert mail was send to publishers from admin, with reason why they are activated or deactivated.

If login as a Manager or Publisher you can able to view and interact with Publishers Statistics UI only.

In Inventory tab , you able to view the all publishers in the Website-index page . But unable to edit the publisher details.

You able to view the zones under the selected publisher. But unable to edit or create new zones.

Linked Banners option also deactivated.

Targeting Channels option for website also deactivated.

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Retail location with google map

Monday, October 8th, 2012

You might have come across many types of banner ads,but ever heard of banner ads showing retail locations to audience? Well with our new ad format advertiser can ramp up his/her business potential.

Our product will be very use full to advertisers who want to show his retail location around the globe to end users.

In order to show retail locations in Google map, One has to provide following details.

  • Brand Name
  • city
  • Street
  • State
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Email
  • Website
  • phone

Retail location along with information from fields will get displayed on Google map.

With a click from end user, will open up retail location on Google map, which will be very use full for them to find a nearby store to make purchase.

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contextual targeting

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


I was wondering if this would be the right plugin “Contextual targeting” and suitable module for my purpose.

I have a video sharing website and it has specific categories. I want to have banner ads unique/relevant on the specific video page (468×60 or 300×250).

For example: If the user is watching a video on plumbing and is on the video page, I would like the ad (let’s say 300×250, or 468×60), on the video the user is watching, to show the relevant ad based on what this person is watching. In short, Plumbing video = plumbing ad, if it’s a football video = sporting goods ad. I have about 10 different categories and within each video would like to have different types of ads within the view of the video pages based on it’s relevancy.

Would this be the correct plugin, or do you offer something else that will be better?

Wasn’t contextual targeting originally a default feature in openx?


Contextual targeting module will help the advertiser to display the ads only to the pages which is relevant to their ads.

The sites are targeted using meta keywords and we use such efficient meta keywords to target the ads.

Banner will be display according to the meta keyword matched.

This module will check the meta keywords of the page and delivery the relevant banner to the page. For eg: you category word should be found in your site ( sports,games, etc..).

If we have the meta keyword as “sports” means in that page it display the ad relevant to sports.

Contextual targeting is the cusomized plugin to delivery the banner which match the keyword of the site and it is not a default openx functionality.

Display Multiple Banners in a Zone

Friday, July 27th, 2012


I want to know if the mod “Display Multiple Banners in a Zone” has a limitation of banners integrated.

We’re searching for a mod displaying multiple (random) banners from linked campains of the zone, but limited to a specified number of banners.

In our case we have about 50 banners linked to one zone and want to show up to 10 banners at the same time.


–We have the plugin as All banners invocation code (only active bannners), which will suitable for your requirement.

And we can target the campaign depending on the zip code and can set the parameter as source

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin as per requirement mention

For example: we have linked 8 banners to zone and 8 banners displayed at the same time randomly or weight base.

ZIP code Geo-targeting

Friday, July 27th, 2012


After our first quest, it seems that a simple parameter already present in OpenX would enable this feature… let me explain…

We would obtain the Zip code from the user in the app, asking the user to enter it (so nothing to do with resolving IP or whatever). Then, we could add the Zip code as a part of ad queries to OpenX… something like:

So the server should support targeting campaigns depending on the Zip code (or that parameter added at the end of the call from the client).

I was suggested to use a parameter called “source”. This parameter should be also shown in the Excel reports…


– We can modify the script based on your requirement, openx provides the filtering by banner and we can provide the campaign Geo filter options in the campaign properties page, if required. When you set the campaign level Geo filters this will apply all the banners under this campaign.

– And we can target the campaign depending on the zip code and can set the parameter as source

We have implemented this as a customized work and to purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.