cookie for banner capping and voice application


OpenX uses cookie for banner capping. I just want to ask whether we can set cookie for voice application or not. Will it be same as we run banner from browser?


VoiceXML mostly only support “session cookies”; cookies which expire at the end of a “browser session” not “persistent cookies”.
Because VoiceXML is based on HTTP and the Web development paradigm, it is natural to assume that VoiceXML should support cookies just like “regular” Web sites. You can think of the VoiceXML as a Web browser/interpreter for the telephone. At a fundamental level, both a Web browser and the VoiceXML interpreter share the following characteristics:
• Both fetch resources across the Web using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
• Both parse and execute markup languages as well as JavaScript. Web browsers render HTML; VoiceXML interpreters execute VoiceXML.
• Both render resources. Web browsers display images; VoiceXML interpreters play audio.

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