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Customized Category for openx - New Plugin

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Have you ever heard of customizing default openx category ? Well the answer is Yes, with our customized category for openx anyone can change category list provided by openx.

It does not require any additional work, Customizing category helps to create a whole new category list.

With our Customizing category for openx mod, anyone can include the category as they desire which helps to target the banner to wider category.

With our mod, Anyone can edit or delete default openx category list according to their wish.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order

Frequency Capping

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Do you want to block unnecessary impressions made by a user,which results in un-fair payment?

Frequency Capping Mod will helps you to overcome this problem.

This mod allows you to set time limit and number of times a user can able to make impression on same banner.

If impressions made by a user surpasses the specified number within specified time period,then openx will not log further impressions.

Openx will continues to log impressions only after the specified time limit is met.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Revenue optimization for publishers in openx

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Is there any  way to archive revenue optimization for publishers in openx?

Yes, openxservices implemented  the  revenue optimization for publishers in openx.
The ad matching technique links each and every impressions and clicks to the highly paid Ads. This makes the highest money that the publishers desire.The Ad Matching Techniques is suitable for all web publishers using openx regardless of location, company size and the traffic. While the publishers are monetizing their websites, this technique will increase the value of ad inventory following through the ad network.

Revenue optimization for publishers which has been highly successful for many of clients, in the recent times.

mJAX mobile ads plugin

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


I am finding a solution for mobile advertising, your plugin seems to be fine. So I would like to see the live demo, how it works. Plus, do you have any support, maintenance policy for your customer? How will you implement the customer support service for an oversea customer like us (we are in Vietnam)?
I’m setting consumer targeting by Mobile OS and getting trouble. The thing is I limit the OS is valid for Android and Symbian but the banner is still display on Iphone devices.

Furthermore, how can I set targeting for a banner? I would like to do some basic targeting like that: limit by mobile OS, limit by mobile telecom provider, limit by location/GPS, limit by mobile manufacturer.

What I will expect for the plugin is:

  • Capability to display banners on mobile device including flash banners on non-iOS devices, capability to display rich media banner (using html5) on iOS devices.
  • Capability to display banners on target consumer (by phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name, target by GPS).


If you want to target by GPS then we have to do as customization work only.

Select the option “Handset - Manufacture” and here you can set the targeting for Mobile Manufacture.

We have the feature to display Flash banners (.flv) on mobile device and for Rich media banner (using Html 5) we have to do this as customised work.

For Rich media we have this feature as addon for mJAX mobile ads plugin

Our plugin will delivery the banners on  phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name.

For targeting by GPS,we need to check the feasibility and will provide this as a customised work.

If you need any other advanced feature to be add on this plugin means we will provide this as customised work to full-fill the package.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin with addon as per requirement mention

Problems on uploading third party pixels

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


We would like to cooperate with other Ad Networks from Poland and other country. We have problem because they need implement pixel tags in client landing page but we don’t won’t do this.   We tried this solutions but they works only sometimes.

We would like have solutions to upload third-party pixels


– You don’t need to create pixel tag[Tracker code] for the other adnetwork tag used on your adserver. If you are serving other adnetwork tag on your server then while click on the banners it will redirect to corresponding client website and in that place If their adnetwork pixel tag[Tracker code] and then conversion will be stored on their adnetwork database tables.

For example :         When we are running openx adserver here and you have provided the “Invocation Code Tag” of your adnetwork tag. From this tag we will create the HTML ads and deliver the ads on web pages. When user clicks on ads first it will call our adnetwork to log the clicks and then it will call your adnetwork at next then log clicks and redirect to the client website. Here you have to place the tracker code for the corresponding advertisers.

– So from where you got tag to deliver ads from your adserver, they need to generate pixel tag[Tracker code]and place on their client site to track the conversion on their adnetwork.
– While setting Tracker, you have to consider the following steps :
1. After creation of the Tracker have to Link that tracker with campaigns on “Linked Campaigns” tab.
2. Need to set conversion window time for the clicks and impressions on campaign “Linked Trackers” tab.

– If you need any help to create pixel tag then we can help you on this.

Would you be interested in DSP plugin for your OpenX?

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Would you be interested in a plugin that turned your openx installation into a DSP/Trading desk.
This Plugin would allow you to run search, banner, facebook, mobile and video inventory on Google, Facebook, Adbrite, Rubicon, Microsoft and Yahoo. From the openx dashboard choose from a global list of websites, channels or data profiles. Run your own ads or opt to push them to the exchanges to serve.

This plugin would leverage Real Time Bidding as well as third party data. Using the plugin you can define your targeting parameters: Transparent site lists with full white & black listing capabilities, global frequency capping, full geo (country, state, dma), exchange filtering, scheduling, pacing, and much more.banner_ad_partners_white.gif

Contact for more information at

Interaction Time in Rich Media Ad

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


I would like to know what technique do you use to generate the minutes spent on a rich media ad?

Does the interaction time start once the rich media ad is loaded or does the interaction time start once a mouseover is done on the rich media ad?


The interaction time is duration of  communication between User and the Advertisement banner. It can be calculated by various mouse operations like Mouse move and Click on banner. In Openx, The interaction time is calculated as the average time between banner displayed in page and banner has clicked by user.

OpenX VS 3rd party’s server

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Question :

When we are redirecting a 3rd party tag, we are seeing a huge discrepancy between the # of impressions reported by our OpenX vs. the 3rd party’s server. Our OpenX shows a dramatically lower number of impressions than the 3rd party server does. The discrepancy we’re seeing is that the 3rd party server is showing over 2X higher the number of impressions than our OpenX shows, much greater than the 10-15% OpenX says may occur with integrating 3rd party tags.

I don’t believe we have any setting stored for our OpenX to strip out non-unique impressions (we don’t even know where that is available). I know you provide a module to do the opposite, namely drill down to count only unique impressions and clicks, but I am hoping your familiarity with the auditing of OpenX can help us dig into our counting discrepancy.

creating a profit ad network niche

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I want to use OpenX to create a non-profit ad network in a niche that is charitable in nature. Every site apart of the network would be both advertiser and publisher and it is free to sign up. All sites would add the ad tags and be essentially promoting each other. I am new to this, so there may be a better way to devise this. If so, please make suggestions. I am open to the idea of creating a for profit ad network orientated around the same niche, similar to that of Yahoo and Google ad networks, but not nearly as complex. How much more would this option entail?

I am not sure which product on would be sufficient for what I have described? Can you help me choose which products suits my needs and then figure out if I need any customization?


The adserver which is using openx needs to have the following basic mods.

Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal
Billing System Integration with paypal
Password reminder mod
Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks
Flv Banner for OpenX
Adding Site Name To Ad

The best available package for the same is

XML RPC invocation code for openx

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


the advertiser should be able to upload his graphics/ad details and manage the ads by day-part, location, coupon text/graphics/flash (auto-customized by location based on XML information from phone) e.g. welcome to New York Time\’s Square Starbucks! come in for 30% off a large coffee — the location and coupon details should be reflective of the location received from the phone — advertiser should have ability to set these parameters and to view ads via Google map API, and other reporting (day-part) We will need to keep track of all the Data & Request, we need to create MIS (Management Information System) that takes care of the same. OpenX website will be for advertisers / users to log in… to setup there accounts… advertisement the data will be saved in server database… webservices will pull that data and prase in xml We will need the site to integrate with google checkout & paypal. Advertisers will set daily budget and account will automatically refill every 24 hrs when daily budget has diminished.


Openx is already providing Xml RPC type of invocation code and managing ads can be done in openx called targeting it’s a customized feature that will target ads what ever way you want like age , sex, profile, location etc,