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Customized Category for openx - New Plugin

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Have you ever heard of customizing default openx category ? Well the answer is Yes, with our customized category for openx anyone can change category list provided by openx.

It does not require any additional work, Customizing category helps to create a whole new category list.

With our Customizing category for openx mod, anyone can include the category as they desire which helps to target the banner to wider category.

With our mod, Anyone can edit or delete default openx category list according to their wish.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order

Display Multiple Banners in a Zone

Friday, July 27th, 2012


I want to know if the mod “Display Multiple Banners in a Zone” has a limitation of banners integrated.

We’re searching for a mod displaying multiple (random) banners from linked campains of the zone, but limited to a specified number of banners.

In our case we have about 50 banners linked to one zone and want to show up to 10 banners at the same time.


–We have the plugin as All banners invocation code (only active bannners), which will suitable for your requirement.

And we can target the campaign depending on the zip code and can set the parameter as source

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin as per requirement mention

For example: we have linked 8 banners to zone and 8 banners displayed at the same time randomly or weight base.

Generate clickthrough add revenues like adsense

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Question :

Can we produce many sites in order to generate clickthrough add revenues such as adsense? I have researched many domainers/bloggers..but a very beginner..I built 20 sites in blogger in a day..looking for a more efficient way or quicker well as to make numerous non-english sites and looking to generate ad revenue…


Yes, it’s possible to earn money by purchasing thousand sites and displaying banners (advertisements).

Those sites can be blogs sites, discussion forums, social community sites etc..,

We certain set of strategies to bring traffics to all your sites (SEO) from that you will get more no of clicks and impressions and so revenue also

But to maintain all your sites’ banners, we need to have a adserver i.e. openx (which take control of your advertisements)

Initially, we can use google adsense advertisements. Once you get good traffics to all your sites, you can invite advertisers to advertise in your site
directly without any third party advertise medium (like google adsense). Also, you can display your house campaigns and many more using openx.

Openx Anti Click Fraud

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Question :
How exactly is this module working? Based on what? IP, cookie, ?


This module is to get rid of fraud clicks, through Openx we can’t categorize the fraud clicks. Openx only calculate the no. of clicks on those particular ads.
But somebody mishandles this facility for to earn more money. They clicks on the add as much as possible. So prevent from the fraud click system has developed this module for to enrich capability of openx.
If you installed this module, the admin/advertiser can set how long times interval the same user can clicks the same add.
Its works based on Ip, cookies and some internal values testing.

Banner Capping Not Working for my OpenX 2.4.7 instance

Friday, July 10th, 2009


I have upgrade to the 2.4.7 version and I notice that banner capping is not working
I would like to know if you can help to get the capping working. Capping was working in my 2.0 version of openads. I could give you the user:passwd for the admin to take a peek and if you can help mi fix and explain why this is not working and also tell me how long it will take for this.

Banner Shoot Problems

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


it was not suppose to happen that all banners ar shoot just in 1 day.

Is there a way to find exactly why this happen, so I can tell it to the client “witout no doubt”

Also, is there a way to fix this for GOOD - so this banners ar never over shoot any more.


I have checked that campaign and all linked zones and priority and it seems that it has correct settings.

There are number of factors for this problem like, wrong priority, delivery limitation etc. you may have given wrong priority at time of setup so this may occur.

(You should check campaigns and banners for at-least next 2 hours and daily once for 2 days when you setup it first time to stop reoccur of this problem.)

Your second campaign is working fine.

You can purchase this mod which will distribute statistics hourly so all impressions will be distributed given time period.