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Mobile HTML banner

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Currently package contains features to deliver mobile image ads, mobile text ads and table ads. HTML banner types have to add to the system. So following steps need to consider to do this features :

1. Create new banner type as “HTML”
2. Create new zone type as “HTML”
3. Linking only these types together
4. Delivery section.


Note: Mobile HTML banner width & Height should be given by advertiser. If exceed the banner limits that banner will not be deliver in some OS. so we have to mention the standard banner sizes.

1. To add the banner as “Mobile HTMl banner” with Fields like as Banner name,Banner content ,Width, height.URL  with validation in Advertiser Section & Admin section.

2. To add the zone as “Mobile HTMl zone with Fields like as Zone name,Width, height. in Publisher Section & Admin section.

3. To link the banner with  matching the banner  sizes &  banner type in advertiser ,Publisher,Admin section.

4. We have to create the invocation in Publisher section & Admin section in UI panel.

Contextual Targeting plugin

Sunday, August 19th, 2012


I am interested in Contextual Targeting plugin.

I want to make sure that it will work as desired. Can you explaing in detail how the Meta keywords from the site are indetified and compared with targeting keywords?

Do I need to add those Meta Keywords to the Invocation Codes for publisher?

Are Meta Keywords detected automatically from any website? Even if using iFrame tags?

Please let me know asap.


In Administrator section:-  Administrator can able to add the keywords to target

While creating the banner the Advertiser can select the keyword . You can assign more than one keyword to the banner

Link the banners which are matched with the zones.

Copy the Invocation code for ‘Javascript Tag’. Paste the invocation where ever you want.

While displaying the banners, the invocation code will check webpage Meta keyword, whether any of the Meta keyword matches with the keywords of the banner. If the banner keyword matches with the meta keyword then only the banner will be displayed.

No need to add the meta keyword to invocation code for publisher.

We have this option in iframe tag also.

Herewith we have mention the Demo URL for your reference,

In this we mention the word as Travel in admin section so the relevant ad is delivering in this.

Problems on uploading third party pixels

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


We would like to cooperate with other Ad Networks from Poland and other country. We have problem because they need implement pixel tags in client landing page but we don’t won’t do this.   We tried this solutions but they works only sometimes.

We would like have solutions to upload third-party pixels


– You don’t need to create pixel tag[Tracker code] for the other adnetwork tag used on your adserver. If you are serving other adnetwork tag on your server then while click on the banners it will redirect to corresponding client website and in that place If their adnetwork pixel tag[Tracker code] and then conversion will be stored on their adnetwork database tables.

For example :         When we are running openx adserver here and you have provided the “Invocation Code Tag” of your adnetwork tag. From this tag we will create the HTML ads and deliver the ads on web pages. When user clicks on ads first it will call our adnetwork to log the clicks and then it will call your adnetwork at next then log clicks and redirect to the client website. Here you have to place the tracker code for the corresponding advertisers.

– So from where you got tag to deliver ads from your adserver, they need to generate pixel tag[Tracker code]and place on their client site to track the conversion on their adnetwork.
– While setting Tracker, you have to consider the following steps :
1. After creation of the Tracker have to Link that tracker with campaigns on “Linked Campaigns” tab.
2. Need to set conversion window time for the clicks and impressions on campaign “Linked Trackers” tab.

– If you need any help to create pixel tag then we can help you on this.

Bulk Database

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I have some issues with the database, its just growing and I have looked in admin for anyways of clearing logs etc

Here’s the 4 biggest, is it safe to empty any of these ?

ox_data_intermediate_ad 280K records

ox_data_raw_ad_impression 60K records

ox_data_summary_ad_hourly 280K records

ox_data_summary_zone_impression_history 80K records


Yes,You can delete the records from the ox_data_summary_ad_hourly and ox_data_summary_zone_impression_history.but you will lose the statistics of the banners campaigns…If you don’t want to have the statistics then you can delete otherwise you need to keep as it is.

ox_data_raw_ad_impression and ox_data_intermediate_ad are the temporarily tables which keeps the records of the impressions and banner information keeps the five days of record.After that those records will move to the ox_data_summery_ad_hourly table.

Please you just check those data has been move to the above mentioned table with the help of the date and time then you can delete it from those tables if it has been moved.

Pop up Zone tags

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>


I have been trying to run a pop-under, and I found that I need a special zone type tag . However this is not active in my system so I just have four options, Standard, Text, Email and Interstitial. How can I activate the pop up zone type ?


<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>

To enable the Pop up type zone please follow the instructions given below:

  • Login as administrator. Go to ConfigurationPlugins

  • Click on the link “details” for openX Invocation Tags.

  • Click on the “Settings” lat the bottom right corner.

  • There you will find ox Invocation Tags Configuration settings.

  • You can enable/ disable the invocation code whichever you want and save changes.

  • Once you enable the pop up type, you will be able to see the pop up type in zone properties page.