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House Ad – A self-promotional Ad format

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

House Ad campaigns are ad campaign that serves ads on your application utilizing your own inventory at free of cost. We can set House ads in such a way either to promote your own applications or another advertiser’s product through a direct deal.

These House Ads, also known as Default campaign helps in reducing the display of blank ads on the server. In general, when a zone is linked to a banner, ad gets displayed. Here in House Ad, banners are auto linked to zone, so ads get delivered by default.

dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API)- A new outcome

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API) is for Ad server to display ads from Adexchange. It could be viewed in Display, Mobile and Video platform with the IAB Standards.

A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform with the single mission of enabling publishers to manage their advertising impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media. While supply side platforms may be offered by companies specializing in this type of service but they are more often part of a wide range of inventory management related services.

mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps

Friday, January 11th, 2013

mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps offers simple and easy integrations for app monetization and also offers Mobile SDKs for the android and IOS enabled devices. Mobile app will work with the mJAX mobile Ads as an Add-on and helps in delivering the ads using SDK for Android and IOS enabled devices. Also one can easily integrate this application with the default openx. This provide a rich set of exclusive SDKs which is downloadable. This product can access your reporting, analytics, and download your credit notes.

An application to view your statistics on your Android / IOS and includes stats for your accounts, campaigns, banners, zones and websites. Apart from setting up your campaign, This system doesn’t require any further modifications. For attendees, the app provides easy-to-use interactive capabilities to enhance your event experience and stay connected. Deliver ads to all iPhone & Android in both standard and mobile formats (320×50, 300×250, 728×90, 160×600), and custom sizes.

Android SDK - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: Android Version 1.6 and higher
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching & Offline delivery
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

iOS SDK - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: iOS Version 4.3 and higher
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

Benefits of mJAX mobile apps:

  • Integration is easy and takes less than 20 minutes.
  • The SDK is small (<100kb) and is thoroughly tested in the Devices.
  • You can generate an additional revenue stream, completely independent of already existing revenue models. mJAX mobile apps can be combined with any other ad network.
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics.
  • Easy Ad Tag Integration
  • Widest Range of SDKs
  • Custom Ad Sizes

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order

OpenX and Radio Streaming Company

Sunday, November 20th, 2011
Our company is called ***** Radio and we are a streaming company.
We are looking to include advertising to our phone system so that clients and customers can listen to advertisement before transferring to the radio streaming. Also we are interested in:  Up to date statistics, a billing system, e-mail to our client and advertiser, and measuring the unique users..
Let me know If you can provide the service which I know you can soon as possible.   We eagerly await to start the process.

We are looking to include advertising to our phone system so that clients and customers can listen to advertisement before transferring to the radio streaming.
— We assumed you need to deliver MP3 audio advertisement to your system. If you need to deliver audio advertisement then this product will be provide the solution :
Also we are interested in:  Up to date statistics, a billing system, e-mail to our client and advertiser, and measuring the unique users..

We have mentioned product URL from this you can get understand of the modules. If you need any clarifications or demo for this products let us know and we will provide the same.

— Up to date statistics                         :

— billing system                                   :

i) Pre-Purchase Inventory              :

ii) Post-Purchase Inventory           :

— e-mail to our client and advertiser  :

— unique users                                     :

OpenX affiliate plugin

Saturday, March 19th, 2011


What we need is a module where affiliates (publishers) can sign up and choose what advertisers banner they want to run on their site and copy the code and place in their respective ad zones. We would also like some type of tracking system where we can track the performance and bill the advertisers for sales generated and pay the affiliates accordingly.


We understand that you need your Affiliates(Publishers) to Register for the ads. You will verify the Publisher data and once you approve, the advertisers can login and get the ad tag to display the ads in their Website. Here the Sign up page can be created for the affiliate and the Affiliate can register and create the Zones. The zones will wait for the approval from Admin and once on approval, the Publisher will get the option to get the Invocation code for the Zone to display in his Website.

We can get this implemented it within 2 to 3 days

Developing a plugin for OpenX

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


I was browsing through Plugins documentation, it is really hard to understand how or where to start to develop a plugin. Is there anyone who have already developped plugins & got sucess for OpenX platform?


Yes it is difficult to find any tutorials or any docs for plug-in development since OpenX didn’t released it. But not to worry about it, we can help you to find better solution. We have experience in developing plug-in for OpenX and have developed several plug-ins for our clients & can assure you quality solution.

Recently we have developed a one of our major plug-in for client Knewco. It’s called KnewcoKnowNow plug-in for OpenX users. It is a custom plugin for OpenX will allow users to opt-in to the KnowNow! service and have the KnowNow! code delivered along with ads on selected websites. The plug-in is compatible with openx version 2.8. This plug-in is implemented with upgrade feature & also data backup-restore feature when the plug-in is uninstalled. You can download the plug-in at our client site,

OpenX API for Add and Modify Advertiser Using XMLRPC

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Question :

We would require a .php class/page that uses the OpenX api to add a new contact into our OpenX server. I have a simple skeleton of the .php functionality we need, hopefully this will just be a matter of you finding appropriate code in your library and plugging it in.

We require the source code delivered on completion of the project.

We would like this project to be started as soon as possible.

Various Details

Ad Server:       OpenX v2.8.5

Code Version:  PHP 5

Web Server:     IIS 7.0

Attached is a copy of the code we have from an example on the OpenX site. We need the Add Advertiser and Modify Advertiser functions to work. We have not been able to correctly use them.


We can create the plug-in for you to Add Advertiser and Modify the Advertiser details.

We assume that we you are having the built ready Forms to create the Advertiser Sign up and modify. And we are providing only the API Code file that supports the Add and Modify Advertisers.

The Sample Code that you have provided uses the XMLRPC and we will create the API that supports XMLRPC to use in the remote servers.

Duplicate Conversions in OpenX

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

I am new to openx, sorry my bad English, need much help, my problem is with the meter conversion, he is counting more than one conversion per IP adress, and honestly saw no solution to the problem in the system because the conversion function to block the same IP dont exist, leaving the various statistics and triple duplicate conversions, I use the version 2.8.1. My question is: is there a solution?


I think you want to block IP address for X time for conversion to avoid duplicate conversion from same IP. We can have one more file which can be run in cron and it will delete all duplicate conversion and will add IP address to block list.

yes, it’s basically what you described, I want a mod to lock conversions duplicated, they need not come to be counted in the statistics of my server.

This feature is available at

Manage flash games through openx

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

How do manage flash games through openx?

This feature is not exist in the openx. But, If we can customize then we can create this feature.

We have one plugin FLV mod. This plugin is supporting to all flash files.

This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have this feature.

Using this mod Advertisers can upload FLV banners. By installing this mod advertiser will get one more option in Add Banner page to add FLV banner.

This “FLV Banner for Openx ” will enable you to add “flv banners ” and flash files.

This feature is nice and new in Openx.
for more details:

user location coupled with google map

Monday, August 17th, 2009


How do list all users by country basis and pointed in map by country basis?


This is not exist in default Openx fucntion. we can do the customize the openx.

we have created one plugin for this. you can view the users by country
All the users will be pointed in map. you can view a short description on pop-up

for more details: