OpenX affiliate plugin


What we need is a module where affiliates (publishers) can sign up and choose what advertisers banner they want to run on their site and copy the code and place in their respective ad zones. We would also like some type of tracking system where we can track the performance and bill the advertisers for sales generated and pay the affiliates accordingly.


We understand that you need your Affiliates(Publishers) to Register for the ads. You will verify the Publisher data and once you approve, the advertisers can login and get the ad tag to display the ads in their Website. Here the Sign up page can be created for the affiliate and the Affiliate can register and create the Zones. The zones will wait for the approval from Admin and once on approval, the Publisher will get the option to get the Invocation code for the Zone to display in his Website.

We can get this implemented it within 2 to 3 days

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