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Frequency Capping

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Do you want to block unnecessary impressions made by a user,which results in un-fair payment?

Frequency Capping Mod will helps you to overcome this problem.

This mod allows you to set time limit and number of times a user can able to make impression on same banner.

If impressions made by a user surpasses the specified number within specified time period,then openx will not log further impressions.

Openx will continues to log impressions only after the specified time limit is met.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Add user Option in Avertiser

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


I try to link new user with advertiser. I have created an advertiser and I try to add user to this advertiser by clicking user access tab a then add user. When I click add user nothing is happening. I work as default manager. How to add new user and link it with advertiser ?


In OpenX 2.8.4 there is no option to add the user to the advertiser.So,you will not be able to add the user to your advertiser.For that OpenX needs to have the advertiser SignUp module to achieve this.

For More details Please visit the following link:

Self Registration and automatic Banner Optimization

Monday, October 13th, 2008


Basically I would like to create a site that runs on top of the openX system, that would allow users to self register, pick banners from a database, and then optimize those banners automatically. You already have some of the scripts built it would seem. Do you have any samples of sites that may have already done this, and estimated costs?


Yes, scripts exists for self register , link banners permissions and optimize banners.

Integration of this mod will take 2 days.

(In above time estimation, I excluded implementation of any custom requirements. If you give documents with your requirements then we can give exact time estimation.)

Multiple user accounts to administrate OpenX

Friday, July 11th, 2008


As far as I know, there is no way to have multiple users in OpenX. Right now we only have one admin login. Is there a module I can but that simply gives a user access to stats and nothing else?


Yes, we can do it. We will make new OpenX instance which will use same database of your OpenX.

In this instance of OpenX, you can create new user (suppose called as salesperson) as you can do in agency and he can see all statistics page only.

Implementation of this functionality will take two days.