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Post back / Server-To-Server URL Tracking

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


Do you have any plugins for OpenX to add post back URL tracking?


Yes, we have the mod / Plugin to track the post back URL using OpenX. When an ad is published on a server-side website and an click is made on the ad, it redirects the page either to certain destination URL or Application Download option. When a conversion takes place, token id will be generated at the Advertiser’s server. The Advertiser notifies the publisher about the conversion that taken place by sending the token id to adserver through the postback URL process. The details which are passed to adserver will be recorded in adserver database in order to track conversions.

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Campaign Monitoring System for openx

Sunday, April 28th, 2013


Currently, we’re looking for this module for our website.

These are the following requirements i need to list out the Total number of Active campaign details in the system and it should be list out in the separate page to quick analysis purpose.

Also i need to display the campaign based on the types as contract campaign, contract exclusive campaign & Remanant campaign.


This feature is not exist in the openx. But, If we can customize then we can create this feature

We have one plugin Campaign Monitoring System mod. This plugin is supporting to all requirement as you mentioned.

This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have this feature.

Using this mod Administrator and Advertiser can see the over all campaign active in dashboard, also the separate Campaign Overview of the particular campaign wise.

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Campaign Limitations in openx

Friday, April 26th, 2013


I want to implement Campaign Limitations.

We need a bulk option means if we create an campaign we need a option to set countries and all delivery options per CAMPAIGN not per banner and also we want a option for set URL for campaign and not per banner.

And i need make the url change option possible that we can set unique urls per banner if needed.

Please let me know how and if you will be able to implement this.


We can get this implemented this as a customized requirement and have the mod as “Campaign Limitations“.

User can set the same delivery limitations for multipl banners and bit time consuming to process every banner.

We can able to set delivery limitations for multiple banners from campaign-level. With this new feature, if there are n number of banners under a particular campaign named “Marketing Campaign“, delivery limitations applied to marketing campaign will gets reflected to n number of banners under “Marketing Campaign”.

Save incredible amount of time, when it comes to applying same delivery limitations for multiple banners.Ease of use is guaranteed

Campaign Limitations and additionally user can also able to set destination url from campaign creation page.

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Third party tracker for publisher

Friday, April 26th, 2013


I need the third party tracker to be fired/ executed while our image tracker is executing.

The scenario is Advertiser will provide him the tracker and client would be placing the tracker with linking to the image tracker that we generate from the openx.

The advertiser will be seeing only our tracker and not the third party tracker he provided, but he should get the conversion in the thirdparty server as well.


We have the plugin as Third party tracker for publisher, which will suitable for your requirement.

Publisher who wants to track the conversion on their own, can go ahead with our mod which enables publisher to seamlessly track the conversion

Our mod only requires tracker code from the publisher end,rest will be handled by our third party tracker system.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin as per requirement mention.

vJAX Video Adnetwork - New Product

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

vJAX Video Adnetwork is a Video Ad Network/ Video Ad Platform that provides an unique opportunity to run ads alongside video content and enables advertisers to connect their message to a massive, engaged audience. vJAX delivers the Ads based on the targeting Models set by the Advertisers / agencies.

The goal of vJAX is to set up the Independent Video Ad network fast and enable your advertisers the ability to create online broadband video advertising based on the specifications like Placement, Panel Size, Panel Aspect Ratio, Commercial Length, etc., and your publishers can deliver the video in his websites.

vJAX provides a digital video solutions with the easy interface to manage the Video ads by the Network Administrators, Agencies Advertisers and Publishers. Using this package, you can create the Video Ad network that can brand advertisers and can make a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital video advertising.

Vjax will support the Pre-roll, Post-roll and Mid-roll ad with or without Companion ad. Overlay video Ads for the Image, SWF and Text.


  • Targeting
  • Managing Advertiser, Publisher and Mangers
  • Advanced Video Ad Formats and Customization
  • Storage Video Ads into Amazon AWS
  • Complete Real-Time Tracking Engine
  • Sophisticated Targeting Capabilities
  • Easy Commission Payouts
  • Approval Systems
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Template Library Support

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Advanced Anti-fraud impression

Friday, January 11th, 2013


I have openx installed and i use a paid version of maxmind geo country, i don’t have any ads target to china and some others countries but i still get around 5000 impressions from countries not added to banners, have you got any plugin to fix this problems or this is bot traffic?


  • Worried about unfair payment caused by fraud impression? Want to block fraudsters from generating fraud impressions ? want to notify publisher regarding the fraud impressions?Put an end to your anxiety,go ahead with our advanced anti fraud impression module.
  • Advanced anti fraud impression is an enhanced version of Anti fraud impression module,Additionally we provide the option for setting threshold value for fraud impressions, In meanwhile it will display Waring message if the threshold value is met.
  • In order to make job easy,we provide statistics report for fraud impressions and valid impressions which will be very useful for advertiser to find out fraudsters.
  • Block fraudsters based on their ip-address and country from the statistics report.
  • Also able to notify the publisher regarding the fraud impressions through mail. Waring message structure of mail content is customizable.

Product Features

  • Frequency Capping
  • Country Filtering
  • Server Log Analysis
  • Anti fraud impression statistics
  • Valid impression statistics
  • Display Warning Message

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mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps

Friday, January 11th, 2013

mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps offers simple and easy integrations for app monetization and also offers Mobile SDKs for the android and IOS enabled devices. Mobile app will work with the mJAX mobile Ads as an Add-on and helps in delivering the ads using SDK for Android and IOS enabled devices. Also one can easily integrate this application with the default openx. This provide a rich set of exclusive SDKs which is downloadable. This product can access your reporting, analytics, and download your credit notes.

An application to view your statistics on your Android / IOS and includes stats for your accounts, campaigns, banners, zones and websites. Apart from setting up your campaign, This system doesn’t require any further modifications. For attendees, the app provides easy-to-use interactive capabilities to enhance your event experience and stay connected. Deliver ads to all iPhone & Android in both standard and mobile formats (320×50, 300×250, 728×90, 160×600), and custom sizes.

Android SDK - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: Android Version 1.6 and higher
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching & Offline delivery
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

iOS SDK - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: iOS Version 4.3 and higher
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

Benefits of mJAX mobile apps:

  • Integration is easy and takes less than 20 minutes.
  • The SDK is small (<100kb) and is thoroughly tested in the Devices.
  • You can generate an additional revenue stream, completely independent of already existing revenue models. mJAX mobile apps can be combined with any other ad network.
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics.
  • Easy Ad Tag Integration
  • Widest Range of SDKs
  • Custom Ad Sizes

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Geo-Plugin by state zipcode and areacode - New Plugin

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

GEO-plugin helps advertiser to earn more revenue by allowing ads to display on targeted area or region .State targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and can increase your Click through Ratio(CTR) as a result.

If your business doesn’t serve all regions or cities, or you’d like to focus your advertising efforts on certain areas within a country, you have to choose more precise targeting.

In this mod zipcode and areacode are optional targeting,State is considered as mandatory targeting.

Currently,our mod Supports zipcode and areacode of US country.In near future we will be constructing zipcode and arecode tables to support for all Countries.

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dJAX Predictive Analytics - New Analytic Tool

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Have you been using djax package? Looking for analytics report which gives quick overlook of the entire system through various types of interactive charts?Look no further and choose our product to fulfill your needs.

Looking into database for analyzing data is a tedious and time consuming process.With our product one can get detailed analyzing report in elegantly designed UI level.

Djax Analytics showcases existing data in a much more user friendly manner through various types of charts and graphs,which makes users to understand the system quickly and also helps users to get a glimpse(brief view) of what the system does.

We have developed analytics report based on following data taken from Djax package.

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Advanced Unique clicks and Impressions
  • Country Statistics
  • RTB(Top 5 campaigns with bidded amount and amount earned)
  • Advanced Anti Fraud Clicks(To track fraud clicks).
  • Top 5 Advertisers
  • Top 5 Publishers
  • Revenue Report for specific period
  • Billing Module

With the help of interactive charts and tables,we have formatted the data in an elegant and visually appealing manner,which constantly makes user amazed and awe struck.

Analytics report helps to understand how the system performs,which is a much needed one for staying competitive in online advertising business and to reach the goal.

One can easily learn what precisely happening in the system,which helps to take any strategic decision if required in order to reinforce his/her online advertising business.

Analytics report can also be exported into excel format for further analyzing process.

Data included in Analytics Report:

Contextual Targeting:

Top 10 keywords will get displayed on interactive charts based on date selection.One can able to analyze top 10 keywords for following periods.

  • Last seven days
  • Today
  • Specific date
  • Date Range

With the help of top 10 keywords report, Advertiser can able to choose right keywords to target his/her ads.

We have also included a table to list down entire keywords in the system along with clicks and impressions.

Behavioural Targeting

Top 10 category will get displayed on interactive charts based on date selection.One can able to analyze top 10 category for following time periods.

  • Last seven days
  • Today
  • Specific date
  • Date Range

Demographic Targeting

Based on gender targeting,one can able to know percentage of male and female visits.

Based on age targeting,top 10 banners which has more number of impressions will get displayed on interactive chart.

Advanced Unique clicks and Impressions

Advanced unique clicks and impressions gurantees unique number of visitors to the system.Displaying unique clicks and impressions data on charts, helps to analyze number of unique visitors using the system.

One can able to analyze,Unique clicks and impressions for following time periods.

  • Last seven days
  • Today
  • Specific date
  • Date Range.

Country statistics:

Geo chart highlights country with impressions and clicks,which helps to indentify his/her potential market.

Real time bidding:

Interactive chart displays,Top five campaign which has high bid amount.

Additionally,one can also analyze the amount earned for bidded campaign.Real time bidding report is available for following time period.

  • Last seven days
  • Today
  • Specific date
  • Date Range.

Advanced Anti Fraud Clicks:

Advanced anti fraud clicks helps to track down fraud clicks,Putting this in analytic report will greatly help admin of the system to take stringent action over fraudsters.

Interactive charts displays number of times fraud clicks occured along with IP address of the fraudster.

Top five Advertiser:

Interactive chart displays,Top five advertiser based on revenue earned.Top five advertiser varies according to the date selection.

Apart from charts,Table displays all advertisers in the system along with the revenue they earned.

Top five Publisher:

Interactive chart displays top five Publishers based on number of active zone under each publisher.Top five Publishers varies according to the date selection.

Apart from charts,Table displays all Publishers in the system along with the number of active zone.

Revenue Report for specific period:

It shows overall amount earned by the system according to the date selection.With this report one can measure the potential of his/her system.

Billing module:

With the help of interactive chart,based on date selection following information can be obtained.

i) Total number of payments made.

ii) Total number of active payments.

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Retail location with google map

Monday, October 8th, 2012

You might have come across many types of banner ads,but ever heard of banner ads showing retail locations to audience? Well with our new ad format advertiser can ramp up his/her business potential.

Our product will be very use full to advertisers who want to show his retail location around the globe to end users.

In order to show retail locations in Google map, One has to provide following details.

  • Brand Name
  • city
  • Street
  • State
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Email
  • Website
  • phone

Retail location along with information from fields will get displayed on Google map.

With a click from end user, will open up retail location on Google map, which will be very use full for them to find a nearby store to make purchase.

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