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IAB Full Page Flex - New Adformat - Support for Mobile

Friday, June 14th, 2013


We want to display the Ad in the large size in the Mobile covering the screen which should be more attractive and high ROI ?

You have any plugin/Module to display the ad and also it will need to support the IAB Standards.


Yes, we have the adformat to satisfy your needs. IAB Full page flex Ad Unit is a full screen fit with the Mobile devices. User can swipe to close the ads from top to bottom or bottom to top or left to right or right to left.

The Add format is designed for the smart phones and Tablets. The Full page flex ad unit can be contained in a web browser or an application native to a Mobile device.
Supported Banner types are all image type and SWF files.

Background type will have the space between creative foregorund and ad container and we can use default banner creation for background ads and foreground type will have to display the ads in this fore ground container.

There are 4 default IAB Input Designs for different resolutions with the define size for the Foreground and background and have flow the IAB Statndards for the Banner size. The ads should make the minimal demands possible on the device and data connection. The user must always be fully in control with an easy to understand and use interface from open to close.

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contextual targeting

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


I was wondering if this would be the right plugin “Contextual targeting” and suitable module for my purpose.

I have a video sharing website and it has specific categories. I want to have banner ads unique/relevant on the specific video page (468×60 or 300×250).

For example: If the user is watching a video on plumbing and is on the video page, I would like the ad (let’s say 300×250, or 468×60), on the video the user is watching, to show the relevant ad based on what this person is watching. In short, Plumbing video = plumbing ad, if it’s a football video = sporting goods ad. I have about 10 different categories and within each video would like to have different types of ads within the view of the video pages based on it’s relevancy.

Would this be the correct plugin, or do you offer something else that will be better?

Wasn’t contextual targeting originally a default feature in openx?


Contextual targeting module will help the advertiser to display the ads only to the pages which is relevant to their ads.

The sites are targeted using meta keywords and we use such efficient meta keywords to target the ads.

Banner will be display according to the meta keyword matched.

This module will check the meta keywords of the page and delivery the relevant banner to the page. For eg: you category word should be found in your site ( sports,games, etc..).

If we have the meta keyword as “sports” means in that page it display the ad relevant to sports.

Contextual targeting is the cusomized plugin to delivery the banner which match the keyword of the site and it is not a default openx functionality.

Advertising Options for OpenX - IAB Rising Stars Ad formats

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Online media companies can now be equipped with open source software that takes care of adserving and adnetworks. This is a technology that makes it easy for online advertisers to reach out to their clients easily. With the available plugins and modules that provide convenience in designing and formats, the use of OpenX becomes even more preferred. One of the new options for offering customizations for Ad formats includes IAB rising star ad formats. OpenXmods is the best resource to find the best plugins and modules that can satisfy specific online advertising requirements. The usability and functions of the plugin choices can be fit to specific advertising needs of different OpenX users.

The IAB Rising Stars Ad formats offer eight options. There certainly is one that can fit your organization’s requirements. With the use of your OpenX adserver or adnetwork, you are assured of a format that is best for your market. You can choose from slider ads, slider transition, site-skin ads, IAB billboard, IAB slider bar, IAB portrait for single banner, IAB sidekick and IAB pushdown. Each of the options are discussed below.

The slider ad format allows the upward slide from the bottom part to the upper part of the screen. It is like offering a way to scroll down the ad. If this is incorporated in your website, you are sure to maximize your site’s area as it appears as a layer over your site’s page. It can also provide visibility that benefits advertisers. As a result, there can be better revenue.

Slider Transition from Right to Left

With this format, ads are shown to slide at the bottom right part of the screen and not affecting any significant space in the website without sacrificing visibility. The position does not change as the ad scrolls.

Site-Skin Ads

For advertisements that appear stuck on the background, this ad format is the best choice. This ad format is the best option for the best visibility on the site ensuring high level of attraction for potential visitors.

IAB Billboard

For full visibility and high integration of different media for maximum communication, IAB billboard would be the right choice.

IAB Slider Bar

For content that changes and advertisement with different presentations, the IAB slider bar is the right format. With triggers to activate the specific advertisement, this would be the appropriate option.

IAB Portrait for Single Banner

If the advertisement requires a variation of ads with text, logo and banner within the same zone, IAB portrait for single banner will be the best choice.

IAB Sidekick

For advertisements that require horizontal expansion when the ad is clicked, IAB sidekick is the appropriate option. It looks like a transition from a small to an emphasized ad exposure. This can easily answer a client’s curiosity about what the ad has to say more.

IAB Pushdown

The counterpart of the IAB sidekick is the IAB pushdown with a simple ad teaser that enhances vertically to show detailed ad content.
With the above IAB Rising Stars Ad formats, using OpenX for adserver and adnetworks can become more functional and convenient. The plugins and modules can easily be obtained through OpenXmods. Where else is the best place for useful OpenX modules and plugins? Visit the site and you will surely be satisfied with getting the service that you need.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

In-game advertising with OpenX

Thursday, June 17th, 2010


I am presently using OpenX for adserving. I would like to know if you could customize adserver to serve ads to games. It is also important to track impressions and other stuff. Could you let me know if it is possible.


Yes, by using OpenX, it is possible to provide adserving capability inside the games. Depending upon games you have, we can provide many kinds of advertising facilities such as Static advertising, dynamic advertising, Incidental advertising, etc. Please provide us your brief requirements and spec, and we could provide you with a more detailed analysis.

Please contact us at, If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

OpenX Distributed Statistics Setup

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

1. What is the correct way to set up scripts/maintenance/maintenance-distributed.php which runs on the ad delivery nodes? It asks for a url to be passed as a parameter. Is the URL the URL of the delivery node or the master/admin?

2. What is the correct way to set up scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php which runs on the master/admin? It asks for a url to be passed as a parameter. Is the URL the URL of the delivery node or the master/admin?

There is specific procedure which you need to follow to configure distributed statistics for OpenX otherwise you may loss your valuable statistics. If you can give your CPANEL/FTP details for all node (delivery and master) servers.

We will configure in 1 to 2 days depends upon number of delivery node servers (slave servers).

3. How do I configure OpenX to serve the banners out of the database? I would like to store the image files in the database but I do not see a way to do this in the configuration. If we store the images in the database will they be automatically replicated to the delivery nodes through MySQL replication?

è Your sentence seems ambiguous. Do you want to store image in database or file (local server)? At time of creating banner, you can choose respected options. To store in database, you can choose SQL type and To store as file in server, choose local webserver type for banner.

Suppose If you want to force OpenX to store banner in Database then we need to do small customization which will not take more than 2 hours.