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OpenX API for Add and Modify Advertiser Using XMLRPC

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Question :

We would require a .php class/page that uses the OpenX api to add a new contact into our OpenX server. I have a simple skeleton of the .php functionality we need, hopefully this will just be a matter of you finding appropriate code in your library and plugging it in.

We require the source code delivered on completion of the project.

We would like this project to be started as soon as possible.

Various Details

Ad Server:       OpenX v2.8.5

Code Version:  PHP 5

Web Server:     IIS 7.0

Attached is a copy of the code we have from an example on the OpenX site. We need the Add Advertiser and Modify Advertiser functions to work. We have not been able to correctly use them.


We can create the plug-in for you to Add Advertiser and Modify the Advertiser details.

We assume that we you are having the built ready Forms to create the Advertiser Sign up and modify. And we are providing only the API Code file that supports the Add and Modify Advertisers.

The Sample Code that you have provided uses the XMLRPC and we will create the API that supports XMLRPC to use in the remote servers.