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Mobile HTML banner

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Currently package contains features to deliver mobile image ads, mobile text ads and table ads. HTML banner types have to add to the system. So following steps need to consider to do this features :

1. Create new banner type as “HTML”
2. Create new zone type as “HTML”
3. Linking only these types together
4. Delivery section.


Note: Mobile HTML banner width & Height should be given by advertiser. If exceed the banner limits that banner will not be deliver in some OS. so we have to mention the standard banner sizes.

1. To add the banner as “Mobile HTMl banner” with Fields like as Banner name,Banner content ,Width, height.URL  with validation in Advertiser Section & Admin section.

2. To add the zone as “Mobile HTMl zone with Fields like as Zone name,Width, height. in Publisher Section & Admin section.

3. To link the banner with  matching the banner  sizes &  banner type in advertiser ,Publisher,Admin section.

4. We have to create the invocation in Publisher section & Admin section in UI panel.

Intromercial overlay Ad format

Friday, August 10th, 2012


Even without lightbox, this ad should be over the whole screen, as per your plugin description:
“his will enable you to make an Ad , which will display on the whole screen of the user  while loading the site, and as so user will be noticing your advertisement .   “

But my ad is no different from the ad I could do without the plugin.

I would like to create full screen (any screen size, without having to put the width and height) – interstitial ads. I would like to eventually be able to serve richmedia and video into such full screen interstitial ad.


The mode Overlay Ad helps you to accomplish this . This will enable you to make an Ad , which will display on the whole screen of the user  while loading the site, and as so user will be noticing your advertisement .

The overlay  Ad will be disappearing after a short span of time , You can set this time .

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Display Multiple Banners in a Zone

Friday, July 27th, 2012


I want to know if the mod “Display Multiple Banners in a Zone” has a limitation of banners integrated.

We’re searching for a mod displaying multiple (random) banners from linked campains of the zone, but limited to a specified number of banners.

In our case we have about 50 banners linked to one zone and want to show up to 10 banners at the same time.


–We have the plugin as All banners invocation code (only active bannners), which will suitable for your requirement.

And we can target the campaign depending on the zip code and can set the parameter as source

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin as per requirement mention

For example: we have linked 8 banners to zone and 8 banners displayed at the same time randomly or weight base.

FLV Banner for OpenX

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


Does Flv Banner for OpenX plugin means that we can play flv files through OpenX or just upload.


No, it’s not only uploading. OpenX will play flv banner also.

This mod will allow admin to upload flv banners and OpenX will play flv video banners also by invocation code.

You can see demo in mod itself.