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OpenX tutorial 3: Creating and Modifying banners under campaign

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Adding & assigning banners to campaign

Create/ edit banners

A banner is the ad that will be displayed in the websites. It can be different type of file formats.

Adding a new banner:

To add a banner to a campaign:

  • .Click the Add new banner link on the Campaigns tab.

  • .Click the Add new banner link on the Banners tab.

Types of banner:

Local banner web server:

You can create the banner that will be stored in the same machine as OpenX using the Local banner (web server) option. You can upload image banners (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf, .mov, .rpm file formats).

Local banner SQL:

You can create the banner that will be stored in the OpenX database using the Local banner (SQL) option. You can upload image banners (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf, .mov, .rpm file formats).

External Banner:

You can create the banner that will be stored on a separate machine using the External banner option. You can create banners (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf, .mov, .rpm file formats).

HTML Banner:

You can enter HTML code for banners such as plain text ads, forms, or banners with multiple images. You can also use HTML code from external ad networks such as Google Ad Sense.

TEXT Banner:

Text ads are similar in style to Google Sponsored Links.

Editing a banner:

To edit a banner Click the Banners tab. Then click on the banner which ever you want to edit. You can edit all the properties of the banner. For image type of banners you can upload new image also but you can change the type of banner.

Deleting a banner:

To delete a banner select the banners whichever you want in the Banners tab and then click the Delete button.

Activate/ Deactivate banners

To activate/ deactivate the banner Click on the Activate/ Deactivate link in the Banners tab.

Setting Delivery limitation for the banners

      • .Adding/ removing delivery limitations:

To add delivery limitation on a banner, click on any banner Delivery Options tab in the Banners tab. There you can add various delivery limitations to the banner.

To remove any particular delivery limitation for a banner click on the Red Crossed button in the right side.

Capping delivery per visitor:

You can cap the delivery of the based on the unique visitor.

Linking zones to the banner:

To link the zones with the banner click on the Linked Zones tab. There you can find all the matching websites and zones will appear. You can select the websites/ zones whichever you want to link and Click Save changes.

Append HTML code to the banner

You can append the HTML code to the banners which you have created.

Banner Management

      • .Duplicating a banner:

To duplicate a banner, click on the Actions option. There you will find the Duplicate Option.

      • .Moving a banner to other campaign:

To move a banner, click on the Actions option. There you will find the Move to Option, in that you can select the campaign in which you want to move the banner.