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OpenX integration with Elgg Social Network

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


i need to install all avilable plugins of openx and integrate with user profile of elgg social network i am running, to amke user same in google or any other system use on id to manage there adds accounts, and if it is possible to integrate with user site visitor tracking open source code also ( hosted solution in my site), so it will be more ceo firendly software!!


รจ We can create the account for the elgg Users in the openx and they can login to the Openx with the same User name and Password.

When the User registers with the Elgg the account can be created in the openx also. For the Existing Users we can create manually.

We can Create the User account for the openx from Elgg and also we can make such that the login in the Elgg can be synchronized with the login to the Openx and the User does not need to login to the Openx Again.

We can integrate the login functionality of the openx and Elgg and create the User account with the Advertiser and Publisher Role linked to the same User.

With the Single User login he can manage his Advertiser and Publisher accounts.

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