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Campaign Limitations in openx

Friday, April 26th, 2013


I want to implement Campaign Limitations.

We need a bulk option means if we create an campaign we need a option to set countries and all delivery options per CAMPAIGN not per banner and also we want a option for set URL for campaign and not per banner.

And i need make the url change option possible that we can set unique urls per banner if needed.

Please let me know how and if you will be able to implement this.


We can get this implemented this as a customized requirement and have the mod as “Campaign Limitations“.

User can set the same delivery limitations for multipl banners and bit time consuming to process every banner.

We can able to set delivery limitations for multiple banners from campaign-level. With this new feature, if there are n number of banners under a particular campaign named “Marketing Campaign“, delivery limitations applied to marketing campaign will gets reflected to n number of banners under “Marketing Campaign”.

Save incredible amount of time, when it comes to applying same delivery limitations for multiple banners.Ease of use is guaranteed

Campaign Limitations and additionally user can also able to set destination url from campaign creation page.

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