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zone duplication with linked banners for openx

Monday, December 15th, 2008

How do create one new zone duplication with linked banners? How do to create that?

You want to duplicate the zone with all the linked banners!! We have plugin for this.
This functionality does not exist in OpenX.
OpenX is proving Zone Duplicate functionality which is duplicating zone without duplicating linked banners.
This will duplicate the zone with all the linked banners.

for more details:

OpenX Zones

Monday, April 14th, 2008

If I have 5 areas for ads with the same dimensions on the same website…

Do I:

1) put in 1 zone 5 times?

2) put in 5 zones 1 time each?

If you want to track (statistics) each area of ads and if you want to control each area differently then you should make new zone for each area (in your case,

second option). Using this option, you can choose banners to display for individual zone (“Linked Banners”).

And suppose if you want to treat all zones with same control then you should use one zone for each area (in your case, first option.). Using this option, you can not see individual statistics for each area and if you change any property settings, it will affect all areas.

How does a site know if the capacity is full?

If you are asking about maximum use of zone invocation code, then it’s unlimited (like all other ad network).

It means you can use same zone invocation code as many times as you want without any restriction.

If I am using Run Per Month - that is allowing monthly pricing. Than inventory is limited to one space per month. If I have 5 spaces in one zone, how do I allow only up to 5 advertisers?

You can not restrict maximum number of advertisers for zone because we can not say how many numbers of spaces zone has. Zone may used for only one space or

even 100 space.

Because of this, advertiser prefers CPC or CPM system instead of Monthly tendency. Advertiser prefers Run per month system when he knows all spaces of zone

(may be through admin or publisher).