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Managing ads by advertiser

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Question :

The advertiser should be able to upload his graphics/ad details and manage the ads by day-part, location, coupon text/graphics/flash (auto-customized by location based on XML information from phone) e.g. welcome to New York Time\’s Square Starbucks! come in for 30% off a large coffee — the location and coupon details should be reflective of the location received from the phone — advertiser should have ability to set these parameters and to view ads via Google map API, and other reporting (day-part) We will need to keep track of all the Data & Request, we need to create MIS (Management Information System) that takes care of the same. OpenX website will be for advertisers / users to log in… to setup there accounts… advertisement the data will be saved in server database… webservices will pull that data and prase in xml We will need the site to integrate with google checkout & paypal. Advertisers will set daily budget and account will automatically refill every 24 hrs when daily budget has diminished.


Openx is already providing Xml RPC type of invocation code, managing ads can be done in openx called targeting it’s a customized feature , so that it will target ads what ever way you want like age , sex, profile, location etc,

Targeting ads by user profilie on campaign side

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


can we be able to select any or all of the below filters as per advertiser requirements on campaign side.

a. Age
b. Gender
c. Location (state, city)
d. Industry (predefined list eg, accounting, arts, it, finance etc)
e. Interest (predefined list eg, movies, music, health, sports etc)
f. Keyword tagging (predefined length which can contain a string of tags passed by publisher)
g. Relationship status (predefined list eg, married, single, etc).


Currently, we don’t have any above targeting functionality in openx as openx does not know user profile data. It requires some customization. You can do this by variable targeting in openx but it wont give good UI in campaign side. You can refer below mods which allow to targeting by user profile

similarly can modify for more properties like industrial category, user interest, keyword tagging and relation status.