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mJAX Mobile Ad network - Question

Monday, August 20th, 2012


I was able to give a quick demo of these plugin to our internal team & shared the login details with them, for now I have few questions:

1. Mobile Targeting

  • We assume the backed Ad Selection algorithm is wired up to find ‘best matching’ Ad based on mobile targeting set by the Advertiser
  • Can Geographical Location targeting be extended for Metros or specific lat-long values?
  • Assume, we could define versions of the mobile OS for targeting (ex: iOS 3.1)

2. Is RTB plugin part of this installation or that is a separate plugin?

3. If we integrate with OpenX Market, would the Mobile Ads campaigns created using Mobile plugin be able to participate in RTB & be rendered through other networks? and vice-versa

Yes, I’m part of Idealab group of companies.


We have targeting ad by Os, manufacture, capability, location, Geo operator, model and demographics ( Gender and age) and not using backend Ad Selection algorithm.

We have specified the geographical location by using country code only not by lat-long values.

Right now we are targeting only for OS if you need to target by OS version means then we can do as a customisation work.

Yes, we have this as a separate plugin and  we can implement on this.

Yes, Our package mobile plugin will able to do RTB and support the other netwok.

If your need any changes or modification on this plugin then we can do the features as a customisation work.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Introducing dJAX Adnetwork Package for OpenX

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

A complete adnetwork Setup is possible with simply purchasing a complete package for OpenX. dJAX Adnetwork contains well versed modules and plugins to setup a complete Adnetwork using OpenX. OpenX has been highly successful and it has been used in many advertising platforms and Adnetworks.

Recent addition to OpenX like mJAX mobile ads Plugin has been a huge success as that can simply turn an existing OpenX into a mobile adnetwork.

Mobile ads plugin is also included in dJAX Adnetwork Package. Apart from this, it also contains various innovative ad formats, targeting options, reports & statistics, etc.

Complete details to setup a complete adnetwork can be found here.

Mobile ads for OpenX

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010


Would you be able to provide OpenX mobile adnetwork with taregeting facilities?


Would I be able to serve mobile ads using OpenX?


Would you be able to create more advanced and additional options to serve ads using OpenX for mobile and other devices?

Answer: can provide you with all required features to serve your ads to mobile devices. Please contact with more information to and our support team would be able to assist you with this.