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OpenX and Radio Streaming Company

Sunday, November 20th, 2011
Our company is called ***** Radio and we are a streaming company.
We are looking to include advertising to our phone system so that clients and customers can listen to advertisement before transferring to the radio streaming. Also we are interested in:  Up to date statistics, a billing system, e-mail to our client and advertiser, and measuring the unique users..
Let me know If you can provide the service which I know you can soon as possible.   We eagerly await to start the process.

We are looking to include advertising to our phone system so that clients and customers can listen to advertisement before transferring to the radio streaming.
— We assumed you need to deliver MP3 audio advertisement to your system. If you need to deliver audio advertisement then this product will be provide the solution :
Also we are interested in:  Up to date statistics, a billing system, e-mail to our client and advertiser, and measuring the unique users..

We have mentioned product URL from this you can get understand of the modules. If you need any clarifications or demo for this products let us know and we will provide the same.

— Up to date statistics                         :

— billing system                                   :

i) Pre-Purchase Inventory              :

ii) Post-Purchase Inventory           :

— e-mail to our client and advertiser  :

— unique users                                     :

OpenX API for Add and Modify Advertiser Using XMLRPC

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Question :

We would require a .php class/page that uses the OpenX api to add a new contact into our OpenX server. I have a simple skeleton of the .php functionality we need, hopefully this will just be a matter of you finding appropriate code in your library and plugging it in.

We require the source code delivered on completion of the project.

We would like this project to be started as soon as possible.

Various Details

Ad Server:       OpenX v2.8.5

Code Version:  PHP 5

Web Server:     IIS 7.0

Attached is a copy of the code we have from an example on the OpenX site. We need the Add Advertiser and Modify Advertiser functions to work. We have not been able to correctly use them.


We can create the plug-in for you to Add Advertiser and Modify the Advertiser details.

We assume that we you are having the built ready Forms to create the Advertiser Sign up and modify. And we are providing only the API Code file that supports the Add and Modify Advertisers.

The Sample Code that you have provided uses the XMLRPC and we will create the API that supports XMLRPC to use in the remote servers.

Is there any API to get ads from openx hosted? Will it work in OpenX only?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

i have my own adserver (custom, hand written).

Is there any way to integrate openx Market plugins (Openx Hosted) to my adserver so that i can put my campaign to openx hosted and get ads from openx hosted?

Is there any API to get ads from openx hosted? Will it work in OpenX only?

We have understand your question, As you know, OpenX market has not released any API to get ads from OpenX host. As you told that you want to integrate your adserver with oxmarket, we need oxmarket API to integrate it to your own adserver.

Currently, We can have OpenX setup and we can setup OpenX market in it and then we can use OpenX invocation code into your adserver and this way you will get all advertisers from OpenX Market.

(Currently, OpenX Market is supporting only OpenX Product only so we have to wait till they will release API to get ads or put our ads in it.)

Openx advertising based on time instead of CPM

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


I have a question about Billing System Integration mods for Open X. I believe it will meet our needs, except we sell advertising based on time (week, month, year, etc.) instead of CPM or clicks. Is it possible to sell advertising based on time rather than CPM or clicks with one of them?


Yes, it is possible to implement system which will sell ad-space in time frame instead of CPC or CPM.

You can make below system using OpenX API.

1) Admin can set cost for week, month, and year wise.
2) Advertiser will have new tab “My Account” where he can purchase ad space (zone) on time base for each his campaigns. Suppose, he buys ad space (zone) for month then mod will set expiration date of his campaigns after 30 days or it will add 30 days to existing expiration date.

Call OpenX API with Publisher ID and return results in JSON format

Thursday, April 9th, 2009


Could you size the following work and let me know the effort involved in completing it please?

We need a new process that would call the OpenX API’s with a Publisher ID and return a complete inventory of the zones (zone name, zone ID) related to that Publisher in JSON format.

As this is read-only, does it require security credentials to log into to OpenX, or can it be done without secure login being invoked?


Yes, We can do this work. There are two options we have.

Option 1:

If we use OpenX API then it requires login information to get all information of zones. Implementation of functionality based on OpenX API will take 5 hours.

Option 2:

If you don’t want to use login information to get zone information then we need to implement first our API which will skip login checking and gets all zone information. Implantation of this functionality will take 10 hours.

Let me know which option do you want so we will start working on it.


Option 2 would be preferred without login. I would like to expand the requirement - in addition to the Publisher ID as input, can we also add a format indicator for the output ? Based on this value, the output data would then be either in JSON or XML format - we have a need for each type in different circumstances.

So (for example)

Input PubID, J —–> output in JSON ( Pub Id, list of all zones )

input Pub ID, X —–> output in XML (Pub ID, list of all zones)

Please provide time for this expanded requirement.


Yes, we can add format type of results as parameter with publisher ID.

Implementation of this functionality will take 2 days.

Please email to for further details and implementation help.