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creating a profit ad network niche

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I want to use OpenX to create a non-profit ad network in a niche that is charitable in nature. Every site apart of the network would be both advertiser and publisher and it is free to sign up. All sites would add the ad tags and be essentially promoting each other. I am new to this, so there may be a better way to devise this. If so, please make suggestions. I am open to the idea of creating a for profit ad network orientated around the same niche, similar to that of Yahoo and Google ad networks, but not nearly as complex. How much more would this option entail?

I am not sure which product on would be sufficient for what I have described? Can you help me choose which products suits my needs and then figure out if I need any customization?


The adserver which is using openx needs to have the following basic mods.

Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal
Billing System Integration with paypal
Password reminder mod
Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks
Flv Banner for OpenX
Adding Site Name To Ad

The best available package for the same is

country targetting for banners

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


i have used openx for my site. my banner will be display only some countries. how can do this?


Do you want to display your banners only to your target customer? Then here is a mod to help you out.

If you have registered user with his country / continent then, using this mod you can display your banners to the users belonging to a specific country / continent.

Also, if you have country / continent wise pages in your site, then this mod will display the banners according to specified country / continent.

Here the advertiser can choose the delivery limitation where he/she wants to display his/her banners.

From the banner properties the advertiser can choose a specific country / continent.

For more details:

How do counts the all unique clicks in the advertiser side

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


How do counts the all unique clicks in the advertiser side?


we can do the customize for this requirement.

This is very useful for both the administrator and the advertiser because, it helps to find out the number of unique users who have seen their banners and number of unique users who have clicked on each banner.

This is perfect for who has less traffic towards his site or for personal site.

The statistics section of this mod will show three more information in addition to the existing information, they are,
Unique clicks
Unique CTD

This is only for advertiser side, the values will have some variation from time to time which include the current hour and for all other cases it works fine.If you have more traffic to your application (Openx) then use our
Advanced Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks mod.
For more details:

Create google map and the chart and pie info based on the date option selected on the statistics page

Monday, April 13th, 2009


Can we create the google map and the chart and pie info based on the date option selected on the statistics page?


currently, the openx is not providing the Google map information based on for publisher, advertiser and zone and campaign. But, we can do this requirement and we need to custamization of the openx code.

For more info:

refer the link:

OpenX adnetwork setup

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

OpenX can be used to setup adnetwork just like any other private adnetwork like double click or Yahoo publisher network. There are lots of features available as plugins and mods from sites like and using which you can go with basic installation of OpenX and start installing whichever features you would require for your adnetwork.

There are lots of adnetwork sites successfully running using OpenX as its backend. provides custom solutions for advertising agencies to setup its own adnetwork.