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OpenX Tutorial 2: Creating Campaigns

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns belong to individual advertisers, and you should create an advertiser before defining a campaign. A campaign contains a number of Ads or Banners that can share delivery settings, or alternatively, different delivery settings can be assigned to each banner.

Creating New Campaign

Once the Advertiser is created, from the Advertisers screen click Add new campaign. This will take you to the Add new campaign screen:

The next step is to define what type of campaign is needed for this advertiser. The three campaign types are:

  • .Contract: The Ads for a contract campaign are delivered a pre-arranged number of times per day for a specific number of days.
  • .Contract (Exclusive): An exclusive contract campaign’s Ads will take up all impressions, and is prioritized above all other campaigns.
  • .Remnant: A standard campaign type that can be limited according to an end date or other specific limit.

Once the campaign type is selected for the advertiser, then the other details are needed to be filled for the campaign as shown in the below snap shot.


Enter the campaign’s start and end dates as the Advertiser Requires.


Allow you to set the campaign’s pricing model (cost per Impression/click/action, etc.).

Priority in relation to other campaigns:

The default priority level is 5. Set your priority level between 1 and 10 (10 being the highest priority). The limitation for the impressions/clicks or conversions can be set as required if advertiser desires, to a certain number per day.

Delivery capping per visitor:

Here we can limit campaign views to a certain number either in total or per session. This avoids the spam views.


If desired the advertiser and websites associated with this campaign can be hidden.

Also the companion positioning can be assigned. When the companion positioning option is enabled, OpenX will attempt to deliver all ads from this campaign together on the same page while displaying to the end user.

Once you have made your selections, hit Save Changes to go to the Campaigns screen.

eCPM Prioritization

eCPM prioritization is a feature that automatically prioritizes all of your non-contract campaigns according to each campaign’s performance. It computes the effective CPM for each of your CPC, CPA and CPM-based remnant campaigns and then determines the optimum weight to assign to each campaign so as to maximize your overall revenue. This feature is set at the account-level by the Administrator.

Admin Settings:

To enable the eCPM prioritization,

  • .Go to My Account > Preferences
  • .Click on the Campaign Preferences option in the left hand navigation menu.
  • .Click on Use eCPM optimized priorities instead of remnant-weighted priorities
  • .Save Changes.

Then you should see a list of remnant campaigns that you will need to update in order to enable or update the eCPM calculation. This list will include all remnant campaigns that do not have a price associated with them.

Go to that campaign edit page. Enter the price corresponding to the value of that campaign’s impression/click/action, etc.

Below these fields, you can see the eCPM Prioritization section. The eCPM value will automatically update with a calculation based on your entered price and the observed statistics for the given campaign. This value is read-only and cannot be manually updated by you.

You can also specify the minimum daily impressions you want to give this campaign to ensure that its statistics (and eCPM calculation) remain up to date.

Once you have set prices for all of the remnant campaigns, eCPM prioritization will keep on a running calculation of each campaign’s eCPM and automatically weight the campaigns by their measured performance.