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Generate clickthrough add revenues like adsense

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Question :

Can we produce many sites in order to generate clickthrough add revenues such as adsense? I have researched many domainers/bloggers..but a very beginner..I built 20 sites in blogger in a day..looking for a more efficient way or quicker well as to make numerous non-english sites and looking to generate ad revenue…


Yes, it’s possible to earn money by purchasing thousand sites and displaying banners (advertisements).

Those sites can be blogs sites, discussion forums, social community sites etc..,

We certain set of strategies to bring traffics to all your sites (SEO) from that you will get more no of clicks and impressions and so revenue also

But to maintain all your sites’ banners, we need to have a adserver i.e. openx (which take control of your advertisements)

Initially, we can use google adsense advertisements. Once you get good traffics to all your sites, you can invite advertisers to advertise in your site
directly without any third party advertise medium (like google adsense). Also, you can display your house campaigns and many more using openx.

Limit user by click per banner in X time

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


We would like to be able to limit a single visitor to only register a single click on a specific banner in a 30 minute period.


We can limit ads by views, not clicks in openx but if we customize openx then we can limit user to click on once per X time on specific banner.