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dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API)- A new outcome

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API) is for Ad server to display ads from Adexchange. It could be viewed in Display, Mobile and Video platform with the IAB Standards.

A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform with the single mission of enabling publishers to manage their advertising impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media. While supply side platforms may be offered by companies specializing in this type of service but they are more often part of a wide range of inventory management related services.

Pre-Roll Plus-Video Adformat – Ad format with new feature

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

A super effective pre-roll that incorporates a highly engaging call to action (CTA), is a new feature delivered by our openxmods team. The dynamic CTA is great for driving increased awareness of the advertiser’s goal. The CTA appears shortly after the video starts and runs for its duration. A :15 or :30 second pre-roll begins playback.

Super Pre Roll CPE-Video Adformat- A new Ad format Launched

Friday, May 30th, 2014

A pre-roll video ad format, in which an interactive overlay trigger is placed on a brand’s existing video spot and many videos of the brand are attached to it. Upon ‘clicking the trigger’, viewers are engaged with many more interactive videos of the product. Unlike the typical pre-roll ads, they are placed in various positions on the screen and is designed to correspond with the ad’s content. Clicking on the overlay trigger pauses the running pre-roll and expands an interactive panel with more robust content.

Developing a plugin for OpenX

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


I was browsing through Plugins documentation, it is really hard to understand how or where to start to develop a plugin. Is there anyone who have already developped plugins & got sucess for OpenX platform?


Yes it is difficult to find any tutorials or any docs for plug-in development since OpenX didn’t released it. But not to worry about it, we can help you to find better solution. We have experience in developing plug-in for OpenX and have developed several plug-ins for our clients & can assure you quality solution.

Recently we have developed a one of our major plug-in for client Knewco. It’s called KnewcoKnowNow plug-in for OpenX users. It is a custom plugin for OpenX will allow users to opt-in to the KnowNow! service and have the KnowNow! code delivered along with ads on selected websites. The plug-in is compatible with openx version 2.8. This plug-in is implemented with upgrade feature & also data backup-restore feature when the plug-in is uninstalled. You can download the plug-in at our client site,

New Billing System

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


How can I go about getting a quote for an openx modification for a new billing system?


We have Few types of Billing Modules as products,

Billing Module -

Billing Module -

Billing module with different price for each banner -

Billing System Integration with paypal -

Billing System Integration (with Publisher payment UI) -

Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (PayPal) - …(PayPal)/prod_1389.html

These all are billing systems which can perform billing services as better.

what is OpenX Vs Google ad manager

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


I would like to get feedback from webmasters who have used Google Ad Manager and OpenX, would like to know which one they prefer and why?


Both of these have the advantages of serving not only your own banner ads (from sponsors or advertisers) as well as AdSense or other banners – based on geographical location.

I guess the advantage of Google Ad Manager is that the system is all controlled by Google – so I don’t have to worry about maintaining and updating any other scripts or packages on my web server.

However, the disadvantage could be that as Google get further into banner ads and online advertising, people will start to use Ad blockers against them. I don’t want my paying advertisers to potentially be blocked. we need to pay for google admanager for using the adsense. but, no need to pay for openx. all admin control with us. so openx is best tool for the online advertiser.

Generate geo report in OpenX

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


can we be able to create geo report as per advertiser requirements on campaign side.


Currently, we don’t have any geo targeting functionality in openx as openx does not know user profile data. we need to some customization in openx code. You can do this by geo targeting in openx but it wont give good UI in campaign side.

Special Features:

Helps to display the ads to users belonging to specific country / continent.

Will provide instant results.

Very useful for the advertiser to cover his target group alone.

Very simple to install and user friendly.

for more info:

you should purchase the MaxMind Database and give the details to us and we will be able to install this mod to you.

Openx vBulletin integration with group target

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

You said, that you are a “pro” on customizing OpenX to fit perfectly to vBulletin.
I’m new to OpenX so i will say the best way is, that i will tell you what came to my mind and then you say if it’s possible and how long will this take to complete.
So, we are a big bulletin board (over 70.000 registererd User) and we want
to target them directly. Right now, we have different user group like
male/female or over18
If we create a new add in OpenX, we want to choose which user(group) we
want to reach (like male, female or both).

Do you think thats possible to create a OpenX Plugin?


Yes, we can target groups using variable targeting, even we can customize UI such that we can selecte target groups from banner settings.

OpenX over Zedo

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


We are an adnetwork firm, we do serve more than 60 MM impressions / month across the globe, we were using Zedo for ad serving, now we want to shift to OpenX Ad server due
to some issues with Zedo, we do serve Banners,Pops,Contextual,Text
ads,floating ads, want to know more about your services and support, we
had already insatlled OpenX @ our end, wanted to know is there any
chance of doing contextual targeting in OpenX, if so can you guys
provide me the details of service & support


As we know, for displaying contextual targeting banners, we have to crawl page and we need to gather all keywords in page which is not possible in openx.

So, we have other option is we can give keywords in source variables in invocation code and it will display related banners.

Our services and supports:

Still OpenX is not giving full control in displaying banners according to keywords. We can make it as you want, even we can customize this functionality according

to your (unique) requirements.

Also, we can do some other way to display best appropriate banner in publisher sites.

1) We can implement category targeting in OpenX so that most banners will displayed in sites which are in its targeted category.

2) We can extract some keywords from site URL and we can allow advertiser to give list of keywords and if both are matched then OpenX will give higher priority to this banner.

Implementation Time: 15 days.

Still, we need your detailed final requirements so we can go further on this.

Real time statistics report

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


i dont want waiting for 1 hour. i want real time statistics report in openx statistics page. how can do it?


Now you don’t need to wait for OpenX maintenance, by installing this mod you can set the time interval in which statistics will be updated.

In OpenX maintenance runs each hour and it calculates clicks, impressions. That is why it takes an hour each time for statistics to be updated. 

This mod will overwrite the OpenX default statistics and will update it in the time interval set by admin. Statistics will be updated for both Advertisers & Campaigns and Websites & Zones.

In admin side you will get a text box there you can set duration for statistics update in minutes.

This mod is beneficial for Administrator, manager, Advertiser and Publisher. Since they all can see statistics.

For more info:

please refer the following link.