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Sequential Advertising

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Can i have the plugin which will perferctly match my needs as when the user visit to a website and views an ad campaign about “Sports” and user stays on the website however on the 2nd page, they view an ad from the same Sports campaign, but with the different messaging. Then the same user vists another website and sees a 3rd ad from the same Sports campaign but once again the messaging is different from banner 1  &  banner 2.

I am not sure which product on would be sufficient for what I have described? Can you help me choose which products suits my needs and then figure out if I need any customization?


Yes, plugin Sequential Advertising in openxmods will sutiable as per your needs and it helps advertisers to describe their brand product in an effective way.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

Introducing dJAX Adnetwork Package for OpenX

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

A complete adnetwork Setup is possible with simply purchasing a complete package for OpenX. dJAX Adnetwork contains well versed modules and plugins to setup a complete Adnetwork using OpenX. OpenX has been highly successful and it has been used in many advertising platforms and Adnetworks.

Recent addition to OpenX like mJAX mobile ads Plugin has been a huge success as that can simply turn an existing OpenX into a mobile adnetwork.

Mobile ads plugin is also included in dJAX Adnetwork Package. Apart from this, it also contains various innovative ad formats, targeting options, reports & statistics, etc.

Complete details to setup a complete adnetwork can be found here.