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Pre-Roll Plus-Video Adformat – Ad format with new feature

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

A super effective pre-roll that incorporates a highly engaging call to action (CTA), is a new feature delivered by our openxmods team. The dynamic CTA is great for driving increased awareness of the advertiser’s goal. The CTA appears shortly after the video starts and runs for its duration. A :15 or :30 second pre-roll begins playback.

Super Pre Roll CPE-Video Adformat- A new Ad format Launched

Friday, May 30th, 2014

A pre-roll video ad format, in which an interactive overlay trigger is placed on a brand’s existing video spot and many videos of the brand are attached to it. Upon ‘clicking the trigger’, viewers are engaged with many more interactive videos of the product. Unlike the typical pre-roll ads, they are placed in various positions on the screen and is designed to correspond with the ad’s content. Clicking on the overlay trigger pauses the running pre-roll and expands an interactive panel with more robust content.

Video Adnetwork

Thursday, February 7th, 2013


Taking a look at the UI products its looking good and I see you guys are doing a great work on improving the UI

Can you send me link of site where video AD is running to view.

Can you confirm the adserver with the new UI are VAST Compliant ?

Basically what I think happens is that Video player used by VOD platform makes request to the ad server and relevant format of AD is served.

One of the providers I dicussed with support VAST protocol for ads. So I believe any of your Plaform need to look into and implement.

Does it support the IAB standardized video protocols.


Yes, We have the Product  vJAX Video Adnetwork will support for any of VAST, VPAID or VMAP and The IAB standardized video protocols.

vJAX Video Adnetwork is a Video Ad Network/ Video Ad Platform that provides an unique opportunity to run ads alongside video content and enables advertisers to connect their message to a massive, engaged audience. vJAX delivers the Ads based on the targeting Models set by the Advertisers / agencies.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Djax Video Ad Tag - Video Ad format

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Today’s online advertising market requires video ads in order to promote products and express new ideas to the audience, Video advertising is one of the fastest growing front-runner among other forms of advertising.We are elated to provide video ads service to our highly esteemed customers.

Online Advertising trend is slowly shifting gears to video ads. With Video ads, advertiser has the power to engage and target their audience in a much more interactive manner than other means of online advertising options.

The real power of video ads comes in the format of pre roll, mid roll and post roll video ads,which has the greater degree of chances to achieve your brand objective and to capture the attention of target audience.

  • We support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads.Video ads generate higher CTR compared to other display units.
  • We also support companion ads which can be graphical or text, it can be placed anywhere on the web page.Companion ads will get displayed in conjunction with video ads.
  • We support popular MP4 and FLV video formats for video ads.We have also included auto-play option on page load event,which guarantees income.
  • With video ads one can leverage his/her online advertising business,thus by making his/her brand value to reach wider segment of audience.
  • Special Features:

    • Easy to generate the invocation code for Inline Video ads
    • Auto play option is available
    • Supports Pre-roll/Mid-roll/Post-roll Ad
    • Supports MP4 and FLV files formats
    • Supports Companion Banner

    To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.