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OpenX ads linked to Zone

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

We don’t use OpenX now but was wondering of you could help understand if this use case would be possible?

We want to have individual zones, banners, and ads predefined on our sites and will not allow them to change these spaces on the sites. However, we do want to have individual users be allowed to control their ads etc but they cannot change any of the parameters defined.

Example: I place am image ad spot on a web site. I then create the size, image, width, height etc and embed this into the web site. I know want the user to be able to change and edit this by logging into openx but they can only change the image ad that I defined up front and that only.

After installing the software and seeing agencies, channels, publishers etc I think I need custom development to meet my requirement spec above. If so can you provide time estimate to get this feature added?


Definitely, we can do your requirements.

Let me explain what I understood from your requirements.

You have your sites and you have define number of places in these sites where you want to display ads.

Here, advertisers can display their ads but once they linked to your zones, he can change his ads (banner, image) but he should not change any other parameter

like width and height of banners.

This will take 4 days.