OpenX Tutorial 1 : Creating Advertiser

Creating Advertiser

After logging as an Administrator, the user can access the home page of openx.

An advertiser is the owner of the advertising which display on website(s). Advertisers run campaigns containing banners. You must create an advertiser before you can set up a campaign and add banners to it.

Create an advertiser:

Advertiser is always created by admin manager. First logged in to admin account and then switch to default manager account.

Then go to inventory advertisers

Here select Add new advertiser. Now we are in the Add new advertiser screen.
First, enter the advertiser’s
basic information.

Name: Name is an advertiser’s Name. This must be unique and its required. We cannot create two or more advertisers with same name.

Contact: The Contact name will be used in all emails to the advertiser and its required.

Email: An Email address of the advertiser and its required.

In the advertiser report

  • .Email when a campaign is automatically activated/deactivated: OpenX automatically sends an email alert to the advertiser when a campaign is activated or deactivated. If advertiser does not want receive the alert then uncheck the checkbox.

  • .Email campaign delivery reports: Check this checkbox if advertiser wants to receive the campaign delivery reports (reports of banner and campaign statistics) regularly. By default campaign delivery report will send for every seven days. But we can change the value in this field if you want to email more or less often.

In the Miscellaneous section

  • .Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page: If you check this checkbox it will limits the delivery of this advertiser’s banner to only one per web page.

  • .Comments: It’s a section for notes applies to this advertiser.

After creating advertiser admin can see the list of advertisers.

Advertiser properties:

After adding advertiser again can change the advertiser details by clicking on the advertiser name.

Then we can see all the advertiser details in the Advertiser Properties tab.

This page will contain the same details of creating the advertiser with the filled advertiser details. Here we can alter the advertiser details and finally must submit the save changes button to see the changes.

User access:

Advertiser can add user,

After selecting the existing user or adding new user we need to add all user details.

  • Username: It’s the username for login for a user.

  • Password: Password field for user.

  • Repeat password: need to enter the password again.

  • Contact name: Name which will be used for the user.

  • Email: Email address of a user.

  • Language: It’s a drop down, containing many languages. Need to select appropriate language of a user.


Here assigning user roles, this user can create new accounts, can modify their own banners, can deactivate their own banners, and activate their own banners and accessing audit trail.


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